From Delicate to Deep and Savory

Whether you're looking for just a hint of skin contact with a Provencal style rosé or a heftier rosé that could be confused with a lighter red, natural winemakers do not disappoint in this category!

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Styles of Rosé Wine

The line of what is a light and chillable red and what is a deep rosé has become increasingly blurred over the past few years. You will see some wines categorized as both red and rosé as they could theoretically fit in either category and we'll note the best serving style! 

In our selection you'll find the whole spectrum of rosé from light refreshing, low ABV piquette Take it Easy to sparkling rosé, like Chacoli and heftier ones that could almost be a red wine like Cirelli's Cerasuolo.

Things to consider with rosé wines include:

-If they've been blended with other reds or even other white wines.

-How long they've spent on skins (the darker they are, likely the longer it's been).

-If they were whole bunch pressed or destemmed

These can all give you clues into what kind of wine you'll be buying!


Pairing ROSÉ Wine

Find our Guide to pairing Rosé Wine and Key below.

When pairing rosé natural wines there are a few things you should remember:

1. You can't always tell just by the color if the wine will have a deep flavor profile and tannin or not. Always ask or try the wine before making assumptions about what to pair it with!
2. Don't just think of the foods, remember sauces and sides count too! 
3. Always remember that this is a personal experience and just because something is supposed to work doesn't mean it's right for you! 

Below you'll find a cheat sheet of different foods and flavors we recommend for each style.

Symbol Pairing Key:

x = Not a Great Pairing
o = Decent Pairing
O = Great Pairing

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Pairing Rosé Natural Wines