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We all love red natural wines. Some of you might even love them so much more than other wine types that that's all you're looking for in a wine club. Well, ask, and you shall receive! Introducing our Red Natural Wine Club! 

This new, limited availability wine club includes 4 bottles of red wines of varying styles every month. While our personal tastes typically trend towards those ligher, "glou-glou" styles that are so popular in the natural wine community, you can expect to see all kinds of reds in this club! Paired with a lovely 11% alcohol Languedoc red you might see a bolder Sicilian Nero d'Avola, or a Northern-Italian Lambrusco-style frizzante wine. It's all fair game as long as it's red in this club!

We believe in supporting small winemakers that follow our own low-intervention ethos. Whether you’re new to natural wine or already obsessed, our club gives you all the info you need to understand, pair, love, and share the wines you receive!

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What You Get

Awesome Natural Wines, Delivered

We only put wines that we personally love in the club. Most of the winemakers are small, artisan winemakers making less than 5,000 cases/year. You'll see a mix of popular producers that we all know and love, as well as hidden gems that we're sure you've never tried before!

Personal Touches

Every wine we put in the natural wine club includes personalized information on the producer, recorded video tastings, notes on the wine, serving suggestions, and food pairing suggestions. Our interactions go beyond the experience at your local wine shop because we're trying each wine along with you!

The Best Customer Service

As a family team, we started this company to make natural wine more affordable, approachable, and fun for regular people like us. We read and respond to every message we get. If you have questions, didn’t like a bottle, or just want to chat, we’re here to make this the best experience you’ve ever had in natural wine!

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About the Wines

Every kind of red, all natural.

We have many different types of reds that we bring in. This club is a mix of all kinds of reds from glou glou to rich and complex.

The surprise is half the fun! No matter what type it is, you can always trust that they are natural wines!

About the Subscription

Yes! When you place the order, you're opting into a subscription at the frequency you chose with the number of bottles you choose.

We want every box to be about more than just getting natural wine delivered, which is why we include a custom link that tells you about each producer, the wine production and expected tasting notes, along with how funky or classic the wine might be, serving temperatures and food pairings! We also have a special wine tasting and evaluation process you'll get access to as a club member where you can write down what you thought about the wine and broaden your natural wine education!

You can, and it’s super easy! To pause shipments, adjust your frequency, the number of bottles of wine, or cancel, just log into your account and cancel under the “Manage Subscriptions” page. There’s no contract, and you’re not locked in to a certain amount of shipments.

If you're particular about the kinds of wines you want to get and red is your favorite, then this is the right club for you!

No! Shipping has always been included in our natural wine club cost and will continue to be.

Club Benefits

Why Join MYSA?

The possibilities are endless, the perks are amazing!

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