Think of MYSA like your local wine shop combined with your favorite wine blog! We’re small and approachable, like your local shop, personally curating monthly clubs for all kinds of natural wine lovers. We’ll give you all the advice on the best bottles to buy retail (you can even see the whole bottle in the photos) and have hundreds of resources on natural wine styles, production, pairing recommendations, and anything else you can think of to learn more about natural wine. Then, join us each month for individual tasting videos of each wine in the club! Sip alongside to learn more about the production, tasting notes, and pairing recommendations. We’ve heard from several club members that it’s their favorite Friday night activity. 

The Team

MYSA Natural Wine Team

We're a Very Small Team!

We're a team of natural wine lovers dedicated to sourcing, selling, and writing about their favorite natural wines all over the world. With everything from a Natural Wine Club, to wines by the bottle, to a deep library of natural wine resources, MYSA is on a mission to move natural wine away from that weird, funky, niche product and into people’s glasses across the country.

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