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Shop the exciting world of natural wine right to your doorstep. In our natural wine collection, you’ll find wines that are organic, biodynamic, low-sulfur, zero/zero, native yeast, unfined, unfiltered, and vegan. Whether you’re new to natural wine or a seasoned pro, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your next delivery!

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What Does Natural Wine Taste Like?

Broadly speaking, natural wine is a term used to describe wines that are farmed organically, typically using practices like biodynamics, and made without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process. This means no fining or filtering and no adding of acid, sugar or any other components.

The short answer is that natural wine can taste like any other kind of conventional wine (we like to call these stealth natural wines) or it can taste quite a bit different, as production methods can vary and potentially be lighter, or in a style you've never had before (like orange, pet-nat or amphora).

Simply put, the phrase “glou-glou” is meant to evoke the sound of liquid (in this case, wine) pouring rapidly out of a container, or down your throat. Before you think we’re speaking nonsense, say the phrase out loud to yourself, and we think you’ll hear the sonic similarity for yourself. It’s a playful way to describe wines that are so refreshing and quaffable, they’re spending less time in the bottle and more time being poured into the nearest empty glass.