The Flood 2021

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A cloudy apricot-colored orange wine full of juicy tropical flavors with light tannins, heavy skin contact, and bright acidity. Funky but not too much; leaves a peach aftertaste with a tangy and dry finish. Best served chilled with salty chips!


Starfruits, tangerines, oranges, peaches, and a bit of minerality!


  • 12.7%


  • 2021


  • White Orange

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Seared fish, roasted chicken, Waldorf salad


Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Riesling

Funky Scale

Mostly Classic


Oregon, USA


The Producer

About Swick Wines

Joe Swick is a 5th generation Oregonian winemaker who captures the true taste of the Pacific Northwest through his wines. Joe sources his grapes from organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyards in Oregon and Washington. After years of traveling and harvesting in various pockets of the world, such as Piedmont, Portugal, and Tasmania, Joe returned to Oregon to start his very own label in 2013. He embraces the minimal approach when making his wines such as using native yeasts, aging in old barrels and adding minimal sulphur during bottling—only when absolutely necessary. While Joe started out with a focus on making Oregon Pinot Noir, he now has explored many other grape varietals and experiments with different techniques during élevage.