Where to Buy Natural Wine

mysa natural wine gift club subscription
mysa natural wine gift club subscription

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How to Find and Buy Natural Wine

While the amount of natural wines is increasing across the US, it is still quite difficult to find. Then, even if you find it, can be difficult to know if the wine natural or not. Luckily, there are some great resources out there that can help find great places that serve or sell it. Additionally, there are more online shops and clubs where you can have wine delivered to your house.

Technically, finding natural wine and buying it can be two different processes, so before getting into the nitty gritty, below is the TL;DR version for finding AND buying natural wine!

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Where to Buy Natural Wine?

There are a few types of places to purchase natural wine: a shop, and online store, a natural wine bar, or restaurants that caries them on their wine lists. Many stores and bars now advertise themselves as serving natural wine, but depending on your location some digging may be required to find out if a wine store near you carries it.

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In Stores, Wine Bars, and Restaurants

Where to Find Natural Wine?

Beyond being able to buy natural wine in stores, restaurants, wine bars, and online shops, you can also find them at all kinds of lovely events and tastings across the United States and the world. From RAW WINE Fair to Nat Diego and many in between there is likely a fair/event happening within a relatively close distance to you and definitely in the big cities.

While not every city will have natural wine stores, larger cities around the US likely have stores that caries at least a couple of wines. Do not despair if you're in the heartland, you can likely find a bottle of wine or two with the right amount of sleuthing.

Read a Guide

Below are guides for several markets with maps. These are constantly updated with feedback from our social network so please let us know if you have additions!

A Guide to Natural Wine Fairs

The Real Wine Fair takes place in London each year. They have one day that is trade only, so ensure you're getting your ticket to the right day.

Nat Diego is the largest location specific natural wine fair in the US! Taking place in San Diego it hosts many US natural winemakers as well as importers and distributors.

Taking place in Scotland, 2023 will be the third installment of Wild Wine Fair in Edinburgh. 

The largest natural wine fair in Spain, Vella Terra is a two day fair full of not only Spanish producers, but ones from across the globe and spans ciders, beers, and liquors as well.

Happening in March, Chicago rolls out for the Third Coast Soif event showcasing US producers and natural wine importers.

Wild World Festival started in 2019 and brought producers from across the US and showcases many of the great wines coming from Texas.

Peripheral is hosted in Hudson, where you'll see lots of New York winemakers and cider makers along with importers and other US producers.

Broumaire is the most difficult ticket to get in the natural wine world and potentially the hippest hippest. Typically it has heavy hitters in the winemaking community attend plus fresh faces.

Considered by most as the first natural wine fair, this one is primarily focused on trade. La Dive Bouteille is the real OG and incredibly French, so hone those skills before you book your ticket!

Online Natural Wine Shops:

Where to Find Natural Wine Online

Online Only:
  • MYSA Natural Wine¬†-with over 150 wines in stock at any time, MYSA has a great rotating inventory in their shop.
  • Primal¬†- based¬†out of LA, Primal Wine works with the California wine community to¬†deliver a large variety of natural wines across the US.
Online and In-Person:

Many natural wine bottle shops on our lists across the US also have online wine stores that can deliver. If you are local, it might even be free! Each will need to be checked individually to see where they ship to, as most are local areas:

Online and In-Person:

Many natural wine bottle shops on our lists across the US also have online wine stores that can deliver. If you are local, it might even be free! Each will need to be checked individually to see where they ship to, as most are local areas:

Online Natural Wine Clubs:

MYSA Natural Wine - Our wine club is 3, 6 or 12 bottles subscription delivered as often as you like. There is also an option for our Red-Only and Orange-Only Club.

Primal - Primal Wine has a 3, 6, or 12 bottle option for their monthly subscription with either a mix, just reds or just white wine. 

Dry Farms - Dry Farm Wine has a 6 and 12 bottle option delivered monthly with either a mix or red white rosé, just reds or just whites. Their focus is on health and fitness. They lab test to ensure their members can stay in ketosis while still drinking wine.

mysa natural wine gift club subscription

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