Where to Buy Natural Wine: Washington, DC

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We are very excited about the amount of natural wine coming into the district! With the highest amount of wine consumed per capita, we are drinking more wine than the rest of the United States and spending more per bottle than other markets as well. This bodes well for natural wines, since they typically run higher than regular wine, and creates a lot of opportunities here!

We have worked to put notes on all these establishments for their COVID regulations so you can know what kind of experience to expect. These regulations change often so please let us know if you find any changes and we will keep this map as updated as possible!


All these restaurants have either a full natural wine list (some even make their own natural wine, like 2amys! Others you'll need to consult the somm or waiter to see which are natural or not.

2amys Natural Wine Restaurant Washington DC

2amys - 3716 Macomb St NW, 20016

  • Carry-out

The Red Hen - 1822 1st St NW, 20001

  • Carry-out and delivery, no dining

The Dabney - 122 Blagden Alley NW, 20001

  • Pick-up

Etto - 1541 14th St NW, 20005 

  • Pick-up, no dine in

Sonny's Pizza - 3120 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

  • Outdoor dining and pick-up


Each of these stores has its own flare and specialties! Domestique is founded with Selection Massale and caries many of their wines. Grand Cata focuses on Latin Wines, as the founders are both Latin, but you can find natural wines from across the globe in their stores. DCanter is branching more and more into natural wines so ask about which they have in stock!  

Grand Cata Natural Wine Store Washington, DC

Domestique - 10 Florida Ave NW, 20001

  • Pick-up and delivery only

Grand Cata - 1550 7th St. NW, 20001

  • In-store shopping

DCanter - 545 8th Street SE, 20003

  • In-store shopping

Squash Club 

  • Online delivery to DC

Wine Bars:

All of these bars have amazing wine selections! Dio has some fun events where they will open any bottle and pour it by the glass on special days, so look for those! Maxwell Park changes their menu by theme every month (make sure you ask which are natural) and Cork has some of the best pricing you'll find in the district!

Dio Natural Wine Bar Washington DC 

Dio Wine Bar - 904 H St NE, 20002

  • Temporarily closed due to COVID

Primrose - 3000 12th St NE, 20017

  • Patio seating and take-out

Maxwell Park - 1336 9th Street NW, 20001

  • Out-door and limited in-door seating

Cork - 1805 14th St NW, 20009

  • Pick-up and delivery

As always, if you know of other locations or have updates about these locations, please shoot us a message so we can keep this as updated as possible!


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Where to Find Natural Wine Washington, DC Pin

Where to Find Natural Wine

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