What is MYSA Natural Wine?

We’re a natural wine ecommerce platform and wine club that connects consumers with a unique selection of natural wines!

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How do you find these wines and winemakers?

Great question! It varies a lot. We’ve found some wines at events like RAW Wine, have had a few reach out to us via email, have worked with foreign trade agencies, and even get recommendations from our followers on Instagram (if you have any recs, drop us a line!). 

Are all the wines on your site natural?

Yes, always. We only market small growers, that use low-intervention farming and cellar practices, are organic/biodynamic, use minimal or no sulfites, and who vinify via spontaneous fermentation with native yeast. For more information on how we define natural wine, check out our guide on “What Is Natural Wine”.

If you're shopping on our ecommerce platform check out our filters on the left! You can filter by sulfite levels, designations like biodynamic or organic, or even our "funk meter"!


What are the shipping costs?

Licensed retailers and their staff are responsible for packing and delivering or shipping all orders received through MYSA Natural Wine.

Ground Shipping: A flat rate price is charged per box shipped. Exact costs will be noted in your cart before checkout.

Where do you ship to?

Our retail partners ship to all but the following states: AK, HI, UT, KY, AL, MS.

Note: Our retail partners reserve the right to change this list at any time, and if this happens you will be notified that your order was canceled and issued a refund.

How long will it take to get my order?

Wines are shipped within 1-3 business days after your order and ship times vary from typically 2-5 business days depending on the location in the US. Please prepare for potentially extended ship times during COVID and the holidays! You will get tracking information in your confirmation email - please note that this is just an estimate, and may change.

Note: Due to COVID-19, our retailers are seeing extra strain on their distribution network. Most orders placed during the business week are planned to ship within 1-3 days of ordering. All weekend orders will begin processing on Monday, and it may take 1-3 business days to ship as well.

What shipping carriers do you use?

As it is the responsibility of the retailer to choose the delivery provider they use, delivery providers vary, but may include FedEx or UPS.

Do I need to be there to sign?

Someone 21 or older must be present to accept and sign for the wine. It is the responsibility of the retailer and any delivery provider they use to verify identification and age, and to determine whether it is otherwise safe and appropriate to furnish you with alcohol. They may require a valid form of photo identification with birthdate and a signed acknowledgment confirming
acceptance at the time of pick-up or delivery. If they cannot verify your age or identity, if you appear intoxicated, or if the situation is otherwise unsafe or inappropriate, they may refuse to furnish you with alcohol. Alcohol cannot be left unattended.

If you are unable to collect your wine and it comes back to us we will charge a reshipping fee equivalent to the standard shipping price based on the number of bottles purchased, to cover the cost of the wine shipping back to our warehouse. These fees are as follows:

  • 1-3 bottles: $14.95
  • 4-6 bottles: $24.95
  • 7-9 bottles: $34.95
  • 10-12 bottles: $39.95
  • 13+ bottles: $44.95

What about shipping in the summer?

We have a number of options for shipping in the summer if you're concerned about weather. If you'd like to reserve the bottles, we have a "Hold For Weather" option in which we will hold the wine until you ask us to ship it. Otherwise, we will ship in September. We also have an express with ice pack shipping option that ships via express to minimize time on a delivery truck. Extreme temperatures and natural wine do not mix well, and we are not liable for any wine that is heat damaged upon delivery. We recommend the express option or Hold For Weather for those that are concerned about extreme temperatures with their ground shipping.

In addition, during the summer we won't be shipping wine on Fridays until temperatures cool down in order to minimize the amount of time wine spends in transit. Orders placed between Thursday mid-morning and Sunday evening will be fulfilled on the following Monday.

How does expedited shipping work?

With expedited shipping your wines will be shipped with ice packs via FedEx Next-Day PM on a plane to the closest hub where it will be delivered via a final mile delivery truck. NOTE: Expedited shipping does not deliver on weekends.

Wine Club

Tell me about the wine club!

Our Natural Wine Club is a way for us to curate our favorite wines and share them with you on a regular basis. Typically we include wines from 2-4 producers we've been drinking, including red, white, orange, rose, and sparkling. It’s cheaper than buying directly on the ecommerce platform and you get a couple VIP benefits, too! You can choose between 3, 6, or 12 bottles monthly, every two months, or every three months. NEW! We also have a red only and orange only club with 4 bottles!

Do you provide food pairings?

Yes, we do! Each wine comes with information about the wines, serving temperature, the producer, the region, and our favorite food pairings.

This wine is delicious! Can I get more?

Yes! Most of the wines included in club boxes are available on the ecommerce platform as well (some limited-run wines are club only). We also offer a 15% discount on orders over 12 bottles!


I want to add a gift note, can I do that?

Yes! We are able to add gift notes to the packing slip. Just add the note to the Special Instructions section in your cart or send an email to hello@mysa.wine immediately after ordering!

Note: Don't worry the packing slips don't have prices on them!

How do gift cards work?

You can purchase a gift card like any other product! There are no fees or shipping involved as it will be delivered to you by email. Once your order has processed you will find a link that leads to a gift card page that has the amount and code your friend should use to redeem it!

While we aren't able to add notes to that page, you can of course send your nice note via email or text with the link or print it out with the QR code and put it in a card!

How does the wine club gift work?

If you want to purchase the wine club for a friend you have the option to pre-pay for 1-3 months worth of wine. You will pay upfront and and your friend will receive wine for the amount of months you selected.

If you'd like to:

  • spread them out to bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries
  • pay for more than 3 months in advance

Send us an email at hello@mysa.wine and we can help get you set up!

Returns and Refunds

What's your return/refund policy?

We want you to be satisfied with your wine purchase. If you are dissatisfied with any product you receive from us, email us at hello@mysa.wine within 30 days of delivery. We will work with you to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction. Note that customers are responsible to covering the cost of return shipping and any pick-up fees associated with their order size and location.

My wine arrived damaged. Help!

Damaged bottles very rarely happen, but in the event that you should have a broken bottle or damaged delivery issue, just email us at hello@mysa.wine within 30 days of delivery. We will work with you to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction, which may include a refund.