Hello all!

We get a lot of questions from folks asking how to set a package up for pickup. We highly recommend doing this, especially if you're not sure you'll be home to sign for the delivery. Setting the package for pick up ensures that you'll get your package delivered safely. There's usually tons of options nearby to do this!

Step 1: After you receive your emailed tracking link, click "MANAGE DELIVERY"

Please note that this will only be an option after the package ships, so you may need to give it a day or so before you're able to find this button.

Step 2: Click "HOLD AT LOCATION"


Step 3: Enter the original delivery address exactly as it matches on your shipment, and your contact info.


Step 4: Pick whichever location is convenient for you!


FedEx will contact you via the contact information provided in Step 3 when the package is ready. Please note that they will hold the package for 3-5 business days before sending it back to our fulfillment center.