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Brooklyn as a whole is what we'd consider the Mecca for natural wine acquisition in the US! It's so big and full of natural wine that we actually had to break out Bushwick from this guide and you'll find some overlap in both. So if you're curious about Bushwick, check out our guide here!

Now back to Brooklyn. The amount of natural wine stores within a few blocks of each other is mind-blowing and you'll normally find that each has their own area they focus on, like Latin American wines or only small producer so make sure to try them all! Without further ado, here is our breakdown of natural wine spots in Brooklyn.


We are sure there are more restaurants that carry natural wine than these, but these are all majority natural wines on their lists. As you can see from the addresses below, Broadway street is definitely not to be missed in Brooklyn for natural wine.

LaRina Natural Wine Restaurant Brooklyn

Reynard- 80 Wythe Ave, NY 11249

Hotel Delmano- 82 Berry Street, NY 11211

Maison Premiere- 298 Bedford Ave, NY 11249 

Marlow and Sons- 81 Broadway, NY 11249

The Four Horsemen - 295 Grand St, NY 11211

Fausto - 348 Flatbush Ave 11238

Diner- 85 Broadway, NY 11249

Have & Meyer- 103 Havemeyer Street, NY 11211 

Concord Hill- 374 Graham Ave, NY 11211

LaRina Pastificio & Vino- 387 Myrtle Ave, NY 11205 

Rucola- 190 Dean Street, NY 11217

Roberta’s- 261 Moore Street, NY 11206 

Insa- 328 Douglas Street, NY 11217 

Fancy Nancy- 1038 Bedford Ave, NY 11205 

Terre- 341 5th Ave, NY 11215

Kleinbergs165 Tompkins Ave, NY 11206

Ops Pizza - 346 Himrod Street, NY 11237


Wine Bars:  

While a lot of the restaurants above also have wine bars, we normally classify this section as ones that truly bar without full restaurant experience.

June - Brooklyn Natural Wine Bar

Achilles Heel- 180 West Street, NY 11222 

June- 231 Court Street, NY 11201 

Franks Wine Bar - 465 Court Street, NY 11231

Kiki & Romeo - 558 Halsey St 11233

Glou - 406 Rogers Ave. Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, NY 11225

LaLou - 581 Vanderbilt Ave, NY 11238

The Fly - 549 Classon Ave, NY 11238

Tailfeather 581 Myrtle Ave, NY 11205

Wine Shops: 

While there is some overlap from our Bushwick article in here, the amount of natural wine you can purchase and bring home is incredibly killer in Brooklyn!

Slope Cellars - Brooklyn Natural Wine Shop

Dandelion Wine - 153 Franklin Street, NY 11222 

The Natural Wine Company - 211 N 11th Street, NY 11211 

Blanc & Rouge - 81 Washington Street, NY 11201 

Vine Wine - 616 Lorimer Street, NY 11211 

Bibber & Bell - 418 Union Ave, NY 11211

D.O.C. - 147 Broadway, NY 11211

Smith & Vine - 268 Smith Street, NY 11231

Thirst Wine Merchants - 11 Greene Ave, NY 11238

Vanderbilt Wine Merchants - 573 Vanderbilt Ave, NY 11238

Irving Bottle - 155 Irving Ave 11237

Slope Cellars - 436 7th Ave, NY 11215 

Uva Wines & Spirits - 237 Bedford Ave, NY 11211


While we've been to a few of these places, we know there are also lots more so let us know in the comments if you've been to some of these places or if we're missing any that should be on here. Thanks for all your support and happy drinking!

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  • Great restaurant to add – Fausto – 348 Flatbush Ave 11238

    New wine bar – Kiki & Romeo – 558 Halsey St 11233

    Natty wine shop – Irving Bottle – 155 Irving Ave 11237

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