Producer Profile

Clos Lentiscus

Manel Arinyó, affectionately dubbed the "bubble man," is crafting some of the most captivating sparkling wines, not just within Spain but on a global scale.

A blind tasting of Clos Lentiscus could easily lead one to believe they were savoring grower Champagne. Pepe Raventós of Raventós i Blanc ardently champions the Penedès terroir, asserting its capacity to yield sparkling wines of remarkable mineral character that rival the world's finest. Manel's Clos Lentiscus cuvées provide compelling evidence in support of Pepe's assertion.

In 2001, following their father's passing, Manel and his brother Joan returned to their family's venerable 14th-century estate, Can Ramon.

Where The Wines Come From


In the sun-kissed region of Penedès, nestled in Catalonia, Spain, a growing community of winemakers is embracing the principles of natural winemaking with passion and dedication. Here, amidst the rolling hills and Mediterranean breezes, vintners like Maria Solé and Jordi Torres are leading the charge, cultivating vineyards with organic and biodynamic practices to produce grapes of exceptional quality and character. In the cellar, they practice minimal intervention, allowing the grapes to ferment with native yeasts and refraining from additives, fining, or filtration. The result is a portfolio of vibrant and expressive wines that capture the true essence of Penedès—wines that reflect the region's terroir, history, and spirit with every sip, offering a taste of Catalonia's natural wine revolution.