Natural Wines to Drink for the Holidays

Natural Wines to Drink for the Holidays

Posted by Holly Berrigan on

We love the Holidays! Holly in particular who wears reindeer ears most days and has a collection of thrift shop Christmas sweatshirts that would make your Aunt Carol v jealous.

It's a great time of year for sharing with a lot of specific kinds of flavors and festivities to think about for your wine pairing. So, we decided to ask our friends across Instagram what they're drinking this holiday season and give you some ideas from our team on the best styles to pop open for all the occasions!

Dhruv Dhawan -  @groovydhruvy18

What are you drinking? Las Jaras Slipper Sippers Nouveau.

PS we love the pic of  Dhruv chugging some delicious Las Jaras juice purchased at All Together Now Chicago! 

Holly Berrigan - @hollyberrigan

What are you drinking? Bubbles! I specifically picked Clos Lentiscus for the December club because it's exactly what everyone needs for Christmas or New Years!

Brady & Jen - @bradycostello

What are you drinkingVini di giovanni - Best wine tasting experience ever and amazing wine!

Doni R - @donaldrob

What are you drinking? Juicy gamays because tis the szn.

We recommend this one from Cambon!

Krystal - @kreeobv

What are you drinking? Bubbles, Juicy and full body reds. Carignan, GSM, Cab franc, Zinfandel all the wiiiine

We recommend this Cab Franc from our friends at Ltd+!

Niclas Jansson @njansson10

What are you drinking? Vivanterre Gamay if it's a small, intimate gathering where we can really think about the wines. If it's a larger group, I'd rather have like 3 bottles of Masot Prosseco (great value), and maybe a couple fun, experimental ones (Microbio Brutal, etc).

Carly Solomon@carlysolo613

What are you drinking? Carignan and cinsault - crowd pleaser + glou glou + great with food = easy choices

We recommend Deferlante rouge for all these vibes!

Greg Babcock @gobabcock

What are you drinking? Carignan, and juicy Italian (probably Sicilian) wines if at all possible!

We recommend Perril Noir for Carignan bliss and Drago Rosso for juicy Sicilian vibes!

Fran Cunniffe @morefranciacortaplease

What are you drinking? Zero Dosage Franciacorta from a small minimal intervention producer Agricola Il Dosso

McKenna Schroter @mckenna.schroter

What are you drinking? G&M 2019 by Domaine La Boheme Patrick Bouju! Both complex and elegant, the perfect orange to celebrate the festive season! 

Hopefully these give you some ideas for what you can crack open with your family the next couple weeks and be on the lookout for more wine round-ups with our Insta friends for future holidays via our stories!


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