Producer Profile


Christina Netzl's journey into natural winemaking began at the tender age of 5, tending to her family's farm and vineyard alongside her parents and grandparents. With time, her parents redirected the family business solely towards grape cultivation and winemaking, expanding it to encompass the 28 hectares they currently operate in the Carnuntum winemaking region, situated just east of Vienna and north of the Neusidler See. Christina pursued studies in oenology and wine management in London, immersing herself in diverse wine styles from around the globe. Upon her return to the winery in 2007, she collaborated with her parents, later fostering a fervent commitment to organic viticulture, particularly after becoming a mother of two.

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Where The Wines Come From


Carnuntum, situated in the eastern part of Austria, produces natural wines that embody the region's rich winemaking heritage and dynamic terroir. Nestled along the Danube River, Carnuntum benefits from a continental climate with hot summers and cool breezes, creating optimal conditions for grape cultivation. Here, winemakers embrace sustainable farming practices and minimal intervention in the cellar, allowing the true expression of the fruit and the land to shine through. Indigenous grape varieties such as Grüner Veltliner, Zweigelt, and Blaufränkisch thrive in this unique environment, yielding wines of exceptional purity and depth. From crisp and aromatic whites to bold and elegant reds, Carnuntum's natural wines capture the essence of the region's diverse terroir and cultural heritage, inviting drinkers to experience the true essence of Austrian winemaking with each sip.