July 2023 | Orange Club

chillable red natural wines
chillable red natural wines

Welcome to the July Orange Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder: 

Happy July!! We are in the thick of summer and a lot of crazy weather all over the place, so thanks for sticking with us and utilizing all the great options we have to get you wine during these months! We're going for chillable and unique this month with 3 fresh ones to drink now (including a liter) and a RARE stunning orange from Ad Vinum that we won't judge you for opening now, but definitely deserves it's own moment!

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Ravaged - Ad Vinum
  2. Contact! - Jean-Pascal Aubron
  3. ‘Kottabbos’ Skin Contact Chenin - Boschkloof
  4. Orange - Frug
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Ravaged - Ad Vinum

Rhône - France


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A refreshing orange wine with tropical stone fruit flavors, citrusy aromas, bright acidity and a nutty aftertaste.

Pairings: Mozzarella Pizza, Cheesy Wonton Nachos, Korean Style Pork Chops

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50°F 

About Ad VinumAd Vinum Winemaker

In 2016, after working as the head sommelier of Le Chateaubriand in Paris for seven years, Sébastien Chatillon moved to Vallabrix in the Gard to start Ad Vinum. Originally from Normandy, Sébastien went to university for about 4 months before deciding it was dull and not for him. Questioning his life path, he tried out many jobs. He sold candy, worked in stables, led rock bands… What would bring him true fulfillment?... Sébastien’s next move was to Paris for a girl. René set him up with Iñaki Aizpitarte, the chef of Le Chateaubriand. At the young age of 25, he became the sommelier of a restaurant that in 2010 was ranked no. 11 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Chateaubriand enabled him to dive deep into natural wine. There was absolutely no turning back. In addition to starting Ad Vinum, Sébastien Chatillon owns Le Cave. Le Cave is a tiny wine shop sandwiched between Le Dauphin and Le Chateaubriand that sells natural wine from more than 15 countries. — Zev Rovine

Contact! - Jean-Pascal Aubron

Loire Valley - France



A French muscadet with citrusy stone fruit aromas, crisp acidity, and a saline finish!

Pairings: Baked Seafood Casserole, Lobster Rolls, Butter & Herb Oysters

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50°F 

‘Kottabbos’ Skin Contact Chenin - Boschkloof

Stellenbosch - South Africa



A crisp tropical stone fruit flavors, floral and citrus aromas, hints of spice and fresh acidity.

Pairings: Coconut Fish Curry, Crispy Pork Crackling, Fish & Chips

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50°F

About Boschkloof

Boschkloof Winemaker

Our farming methods are approached as sustainably as possible. All the grapes are handpicked to secure the quality of fruit before they enter the cellar. A hands-off approach towards vinification takes place in the cellar to showcase the terroir and to expose a sense of place in the wines. The aim is to make timeless wines that tell a story and have a great personality within a quality bracket. — Boschkloof

Orange - Frug

Burgenland - Austria



This highly drinkable orange wine is perfect to pair with almost anything; for a real Austria-style match, treat yourself to some good asparagus when in season.

Pairings: Schnitzel, Fish and Chips, Fried Chicken

Serving Temperature: 38°- 45°F

About Frug

Frug Winemaker

Frug is a new exciting addition to Jenny & Francois’ labels – wines that come from an exclusive coop between us and carefully selected winemakers. It’s our great joy to bring you wines that are kind to both nature and your budget, and in the case of these easy-drinking Austrians, this friendly concept is emphasized even more by the packaging – a plump 1-liter bottle! That extra quarter of a liter comes in handy (you’ll see) and follows the Central-European tradition of bottling everyday drinking wines in this volume. (Milan Nestarec‘s Běl and Nach are other great examples of this.) The name Frug comes from a 1960s dance, which is very shake-your-hips and vibrant like the wine itself, fitting also with the colorful label designed by our Jenny Lefcourt’s brother in cooperation and her husband. It was coined by Toni Silver, an artist and Austrian wine promoter who also connected us with the winery: “My brain always bounces around from the present back to the mid-20th century, as I am a retro kind of gal, so I just started thinking of party-drinking-dancing and started to remember some of the crazy 60’s dances – the Twist, Mashed Potato, the Frug!” Well, there you go: we bet this Austrian liter trio will make you dance as well. - Jenny & Francois


Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!