Natural Wine Evaluation Sheet

natural wine reading recommendations
natural wine reading recommendations

Holly here from MYSA Natural Wine! Welcome to the natural wine evaluation sheet! While we believe it's wonderful to just sit down and enjoy a wine, we also find a lot of value in contemplating the aromas, flavors, and colors of what we're drinking.

As a classically trained somm, I was very used to using "the grid" to evaluate and identify wines. The traditional grid doesn't fit as well for natural wines, so I decided to make an updated version to accommodate and educate on the wines you'll be experiencing in our wine club.

Check out the video below for instructions and example evaluations then download the sheet to use on your own when you're trying your next club wine! (Don't worry, there's a little cheat sheet that goes with it to help guide you.)

NOTE: if you want to go through the video in segments, navigate to YouTube and use the video notes to skip to specific sections.

Download and print the tasting sheet and instructions below!