Producer Profile

Roterfaden & Rosswag

This wine marks a collaboration between Weingut Roterfaden and the local Rosswag Co-Op, situated in the picturesque village of Rosswag, just 30 minutes north of Stuttgart. Rosswag, along with its neighboring village Mülhausen, boasts viticulture treasures, surrounded by ancient terraced vineyards that date back over 1,000 years. These terraces, meticulously built by hand, stretch over staggering, towering slopes and span 23.61 miles of stone walls, forming an awe-inspiring amphitheater. Despite their breathtaking beauty, these vineyards pose significant challenges due to their steepness and the need for manual labor, rendering them profoundly expensive to farm. However, the local Rosswag cooperative, responsible for farming 99% of the vineyards.

Where The Wines Come From


Württemberg, situated in the southwest of Germany, is increasingly becoming recognized for its natural wine production, reflecting the region's dedication to quality and sustainability. With its diverse terroir ranging from rolling hills to river valleys, Württemberg offers an ideal environment for viticulture. Indigenous grape varieties such as Trollinger, Lemberger, and Riesling thrive in this landscape, producing wines that are vibrant, aromatic, and full of character. Natural winemakers in Württemberg prioritize organic and biodynamic farming practices, nurturing their vineyards with care and respect for the land. In the cellar, they employ minimalist techniques, allowing the grapes to ferment spontaneously with native yeasts and minimal sulfur usage, resulting in wines that authentically express the terroir of Württemberg. The resulting wines are lively, expressive, and reflective of the region's unique landscapes and winemaking traditions. Whether enjoyed with local cuisine or savored on their own, natural wines from Württemberg offer a taste of Germany's winemaking heritage and a glimpse into the future of sustainable viticulture.