Producer Profile


Zmagoslav Petrich, the visionary behind Guerila Wines since its establishment in 2005, embodies a profound commitment to viticulture and a profound respect for the land. The winery's name, "Guerila," aptly mirrors their rebellious spirit and determination to challenge conventional winemaking norms.

Guerila Wines stands out for prioritizing sustainable and biodynamic viticulture, firmly believing that these practices unveil the true essence of the terroir. Focusing on indigenous grape varieties such as Pinela, Zelen, Rebula, and Malvasia, the winery contributes to preserving the unique heritage of the Vipava Valley region.

Where The Wines Come From

Vipava Valley

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of southwestern Slovenia, the Vipava Valley is emerging as a captivating destination for natural wine enthusiasts seeking authentic and terroir-driven expressions of winemaking. Blessed with a unique microclimate, characterized by warm Mediterranean influences and cool Alpine breezes, the Vipava Valley boasts an ideal environment for cultivating a diverse array of indigenous grape varieties such as Zelen, Pinela, and Rebula. Embracing a philosophy of minimal intervention and sustainable viticulture, Vipava Valley's natural winemakers prioritize the purity of the fruit and the expression of terroir, crafting wines with vibrant acidity, distinct minerality, and a sense of place. With its rich winemaking heritage dating back centuries and a growing community of passionate producers dedicated to innovation and quality, the Vipava Valley continues to captivate wine enthusiasts with its authentic and soulful expressions of Slovenian winemaking.