Retro Red 2020

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Hand-harvested grapes undergo a four-week maceration followed by spontaneous fermentation and two years of maturation in oak barrels. Bottled according to the biodynamic calendar with minimal sulfur, the wine boasts an intense garnet color. Its taste profile includes ripe plums, forest undergrowth, pepper, and graphite notes, offering a rich, soft, full-bodied texture with a long aftertaste and pleasing freshness.

Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, dried fruit, and chamomile.


  • 13%


  • 2020


  • Red

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Mostly Classic


Vipava Valley, Slovenia

The Producer

About Guerila

Zmagoslav Petrich, the visionary behind Guerila Wines since its establishment in 2005, embodies a profound commitment to viticulture and a profound respect for the land. The winery's name, "Guerila," aptly mirrors their rebellious spirit and determination to challenge conventional winemaking norms. Guerila Wines stands out for prioritizing sustainable and biodynamic viticulture, firmly believing that these practices unveil the true essence of the terroir. Focusing on indigenous grape varieties such as Pinela, Zelen, Rebula, and Malvasia, the winery contributes to preserving the unique heritage of the Vipava Valley region. In the winemaking process, meticulous hand-harvesting and grape selection ensure optimal quality. Embracing a philosophy of minimal intervention, they allow spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, enabling the grapes to authentically express themselves. Traditional techniques like skin contact and oak aging are employed, while the use of sulfites is kept to a minimum, and most wines undergo no filtration. Guerila Wines offers a diverse portfolio, including whites, reds, and sparkling wines, each a distinct reflection of the specific terroir and grape variety. Standout wines like the Retro White, an orange wine celebrated for its complexity, and the Sparkling Zelen, a crisp and refreshing sparkling wine crafted from the indigenous Zelen grape, showcase their innovative approach. Internationally acclaimed, Guerila Wines has garnered prestigious awards and recognition from esteemed wine critics, solidifying their reputation for producing high-quality, innovative wines that capture the essence of their unique terroir. To taste Guerila Wines is to experience the result of a winemaker's dedication to sustainability, innovation, and the authentic expression of the land.

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