Producer Profile

Buona Notte

Winemaker Graham Markel views 'Buona Notte' as a family endeavor, with his father as his business partner and inspiration drawn from his mother's culinary adventures. The winery reflects the Markel family's life of travel and exploration. From a young age, Graham learned to cook at his mother's Tuscan culinary school in Italy, and his bartending experience in Colorado inspired him to create his own beverages.

Graham spent seven years working at Antica Terra Winery in Oregon and trained under Master Sommelier Nate Ready at Hiyu Wine Farm. The most important lesson he learned was to deeply consider every aspect of winemaking and to infuse beauty into every step of the process. Despite the challenges and fatigue, every action must contribute to making the best wine possible.


Where The Wines Come From


In Oregon, USA, the wine scene is flourishing, particularly with a burgeoning interest in natural winemaking practices. Known predominantly for its Pinot Noir, Oregon's wine regions, including the Willamette Valley, offer a diverse terroir that fosters experimentation and innovation. Natural wine producers in Oregon embrace organic and biodynamic farming methods, eschewing additives and interventions in the cellar to allow the grapes to shine with authenticity. This dedication to minimal intervention results in wines that reflect the character of the land and the Pacific Northwest's unique climate, offering a taste of Oregon's commitment to sustainability and respect for nature in every glass.