Producer Profile

Bodegas Garcia Perez

At the heart of their viticultural practices lies a steadfast commitment to natural methods, eschewing the use of chemicals in the fields. Only in exceptionally rare instances do they resort to minimal amounts of sulfur or copper, solely for preventative measures against vine diseases. Harvest is a labor of love, conducted entirely by hand, typically commencing in early September. This deliberate timing ensures that the resulting wines boast lower, more restrained alcohol by volume (ABV) levels. Following harvest, the wines embark on a gradual aging process throughout the cold winter months, allowing them to naturally clarify. Finally, with the arrival of early spring, they are bottled, capturing the essence of their terroir and the meticulous craftsmanship that defines each vintage.

Bodegas Garcia Perez Vineyard

Where The Wines Come From


In the sun-drenched region of Murcia, natural wine production flourishes amidst the arid landscapes and Mediterranean breezes. Here, winemakers embrace sustainable practices, cultivating indigenous grape varieties with a deep respect for the land. The wines of Murcia reflect the region's unique terroir, offering a diverse range of flavors, from crisp, citrus-driven whites to bold, spicy reds, each bottle capturing the essence of the sun-soaked soils and rugged terrain. With a focus on minimal intervention in the cellar, these wines showcase a raw vitality and purity, inviting enthusiasts to savor the true essence of Murcia's winemaking tradition with every sip.