Bubbles of All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you're looking for a pét-nat, crémant, or méthode ancestrale, we have all kinds of sparkling natural wines to fit your occasion from the unique and funky ones you could need to disgorge yourself, to the frothy, creamy, delicious bubbles you want to celebrate with.

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Styles of Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are some of our favorites because of their versatility and the cheer they can bring to any wine moment! They are also incredibly interesting because they can be made in multiple styles from the pet-nats that natural wine is famous for, to the traditional method, to ancestral method, col-fondo and more, there are a lot of ways to get carbonation into your wine!

In our selection you'll find a fun selection of wines including white, rose and red sparkling wines. If you're looking for a traditional style the Cremant d'Alsace fits the bill! Light, fun pet-nats like Oracular are perfect for aperitif, and if you're looking for something new and fun, try the co-ferment of red and white grapes, Embuscade!

Below you can sort the wines by grape type, country, producer, style, and even soil to find the exact type of natural red wine you're searching for!

Things to consider with sparkling wines include:

-If they had lees contact (makes them more creamy)

-How they were made: traditional, ancestral, col fondo.

-Grape varietals used and if its a blanc de blanc or blanc de noir.

These can all give you clues into what kind of wine you'll be buying!

Pairing Sparkling Wines

Find our Guide to Pairing Red Wine and the Key below.

Pairing Sparkling Wines

When pairing these styles of wines the things you should remember are:

1. Not all pairings work for all types of sparkling wines, but across the board they all have similar characteristics.
2. Don’t just think of the foods, remember sauces and sides! It can change the game of what you are pairing.
3. Always remember that pairings are about YOUR tastes and not just what typically is supposed to work for the wine and food.

4. Bubbles are the most versatile wine and most likely to take you from apertif all the way to dessert!

Symbol Pairing Type
x = Not a Great Pairing
o = Decent Pairing
O = Great Pairing

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Pairing Sparkling Natural Wines