Welcome to the January Club from MYSA Natural Wine Enjoy With Us!

A note from our founder:

We are so excited to share these wines with you and why we picked them! If you’ve been here for a while, we hope you’ll enjoy this new digital format in place of the printed wine cards. As much as we care about the sustainable practices of our natural wine producers, we also care about the ways we can reduce our own footprint on the planet.  Every month, you will receive a link to a custom page with the wine tasting notes on each bottle. If you miss the “notes” section from the cards, we’ve created an even more in-depth version for you to practice your wine tasting skills with printouts at the bottom of this page!

So let’s dive in!

First of all, WELCOME to our first month of our Orange Natural Wine Club! We are so excited to launch this orange-only experience with you. We have created dedicated  space to put these highly-allocated wines into a monthly club. This month, you are receiving wines from both the Old and New World alike. From higher extractions and deep orange to lighter aromatic grapes made with skin contact you will have one for every occasion!

- Holly Berrigan, Founder, MYSA Natural Wine


  1. Chinuri - Chubini
  2. Maloof - Scrambled Sticks
  3. Cacique Maravilla - Vino Naranja
  4. Esencia Rural - Pampaneo Blanco
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Chinuri - Chubini

Shilda - Georgia


We found this wine via Roni Selects and her portfolio of Georgian wines are some of the best in the US! As the first Georgian wine going in the club I wanted to start y’all off with a lighter version of what can sometimes be the most tannic orange wines in the world. This one is softer but still still has enough kick to go with foods that you might typically put with red wines.

Pairings: Korean Food, Curry/Tajine, Anything with bold flavors

Serving Temperature: 45°-50° As a lighter orange, definitely chill it but see how it evolves as it gets warmer! 

About Chubini 

Tornike Chubinidize might have the name of a warrior (translates to first name: god of victo-ry, last name: archer), but he has the heart of a poet. Situated at the base of the Caucuses in the village of Shilda, Tornike makes just 2 wines and cares for them so deeply that he sleeps next to his qvevri during fermentation.

The Sapervai grapes are picked in early August to ensure juiciness and density, then aged in qvevri for 2 months before being transferred to stainless steel. The Rkatsiteli also has its time in qveveri which gives it a classic amber color and a depth of flavor that brings to mind dark spirits.

Maloof - Scrambled Sticks

Oregon - USA



One of our favorite orange wines of 2020! We were lucky to get a small allocation of this amazing orange from Maloof and ear-marked it special for this club! A blend of 35% Ribolla Gialla, 30% Pinot Gris, 20% Tocai Friulano, and 15% Chardonnay, each grape see different times of skin contact and time in amphora or barrel. Inspired by the masterfully complex orange wines of Friuli, this is a great bottle to liven up any scenario and a very fun orange for pairing. 

Pairings: Asian Food, Light Fish, Squid

Serving Temperature: 45°-50° 

About Maloof

A true yin and yang team. One materials engineer grounded in hard science, one restaurant professional with a sensory aligned M.O. Two nerds with a penchant for good hospitality and properly fermented pizza dough. Ross Maloof broke into the production side of the wine industry initially by traveling to Oregon to visit some friends, and ended up interning during harvest in the Willamette Valley. Prior to getting his first taste for winemaking, he worked for just over a decade in the Philadelphia dining scene, with a huge focus on beverage. Most notably, he worked as the beverage director and general manager for Vedge Restaurant group. Over a few years, Ross became increasingly bi-coastal, spending a little more time each vintage in the Willamette Valley, and producing his first wine in 2015. Bee (Selman) is the indispensable full partner and co winemaker of Maloof Wines. She has brought an immeasurable amount of hard scientific knowledge and dedication to the project. Prior to playing with grapes, she worked for close to a decade as a materials science engineer within the aerospace industry. As a long-time lover of food and wine, Bee turned her scientific eye from rotorcraft to vinification during the 2016 harvest. Together, in 2017 Ross & Bee decided to leave their respective careers on the East coast behind to go on a westward journey to be closer to the magic. Who knows what the future may hold! Maloof Wines are proudly produced at the base of the Dundee Hills inside of Day Camp.

Cacique Maravilla - Vino Naranja

Bio-Bio - Chile



Likely the most popular orange wine we've had on the site in it's latest vintage! Something about Muscat as an orange wine is so delightful. Spending 2 months on skins, it is slightly bitter yet floral and smokey and usually a little juicy as well. It's also old vines in volcanic soil which add lovely complexity. Drink this one when you get Asian take-out in January, you won't be disappointed! 

Pairings: Asian Food, Picnic Food, Spicy Food

Serving Instructions: 40°-45° 

About Cacique Maravilla

Manuel Moraga Gutierrez is the owner and winemaker of Cacique Maravilla, a winery focused on traditional and non-interventionist Chilean wines in Yumbel in the Bio-Bio Valley of Chile’s Southern Regions. Manuel is the seventh generation of the Gutierrez family to call Yumbel home, and at least the fourth generation to tend vines. His great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Francisco Gutierrez Gutierrez, arrived in Chile in 1750 from the Canary Islands in search of gold and eventually amassed enough treasure to acquire land in Yumbel, some of which has remained in the family and is still owned by Manuel Moraga today. Francisco Gutierrez earned the respect of the local indigenous Mapuche people and was given the nickname ‘Cacique Maravilla’ (roughly translating to ‘Magnificent Chief’).


Esencia Rural - Pampaneo Blanco

Castilla-La-Mancha - Spain



When we say this wine is funky, we mean it! So listen up! This is a solid tannic, FUNKY and fun orange wine of the Airen grape. Be sure to enjoy slowly to appreciate its seasoned notes of lemon, vanilla, and tangerine. Serve with a slight chill! It may have some volatile acidity, so if it does definitely decant it and let that blow off.


Serving Instructions: 40°-45° - Store and chill standing up so the sediment all stays at the bottom and maybe decant it to avoid having too much sediment in your glass!

About Esencia Rural

Winemaker Julian Ruiz farms 50 hectares of Airen, Tinto Velasco, and Tempranillo varieties organically and with some biodynamic principles. The vineyard in Castilla La Mancha is a tribute to all the farmers who have made an effort from sunrise to sunset that work the land with simplicity and dignity. 

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!