Welcome to the April Orange Club from MYSA Natural Wine!


A note from our founder: 

Spring is here and I feel so lucky to have this incredible collaboration with Limited Addition in your hands! Made from a fully female-led operation from vine to door with the vineyard run by an all female team, the wine made by Bree, sold via MYSA, and proceeds going to Kiss the Ground and women in wine scholarship. Beyond that, it's one of the best piquettes we've ever had! 

Not to overshadow the other amazing wines we have this month, as we have some great picks from Spain, a brand new one from Croatia, and a beautifully complex Italian that will all feel incredibly fresh and perfect for Spring oranges!

-Holly Berrigan - Founder, MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Of Service Piquette - Limited Addition
  2. Cueva Orange - Bodegas Cueva
  3. Žutina - BIBICh
  4. Primatraccia Bianco - Controvento
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Of Service Piquette - Limited Addition


Oregon - USA


A gluggable Piquette that's dedicated to and supports women in wine growing, making, and the business of wine. Pinot Gris, Muscat, and Riesling blend that spends a short amount of time on its skins. Very aromatic and lively! Tasting Notes: Guava, lychee, and tons of other tropical fruit!

Pairings: Picnic Food, Fresh Fish, Squid

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About Limited Addition

Ltd.+ are our personal handmade wines raised from our collaborations with inspired farmers to develop a diverse and sustainable wine landscape in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. These wines are made from alternative varieties through thoughtful farming and winemaking practices. - Constant Crush

Cueva Orange - Bodegas Cueva

Valencia - Spain



A blend of Macabeo and Tardana that spends 30 days on its skins and ages on its lees for several months. This orange wine bursts with fun flavors of white peach, tangerine, earth, apricot, and juicy pink grapefruit. Tasting Notes: Peachy, citrusy, and hints of honey.

Pairings: Sushi, Tapas, Seafood

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Bodegas Cueva


It doesn't get much more old school than Bodegas Cueva. Founded in 2000, yet the the original winery is from the 18th century, and not much has changed since then. Mariano Taberner knows his land intricately and in an almost mystical way translates the Mediterranean essence through his grapes. One of the first to be certified organic (by the Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunidad Valenciana) he is committed to biodiversity and the health of his vineyards.

Cueva hosts a variety of 100+ year old centenary vines of Tempranillo, Bobal, and Tardana (a white grape that is used for most of the sparkling wines). All of the wines are kept naturally cool in long, undisturbed underground cellars. As a winemaker, he's known for being a bit of a magician, using unique fermentation techniques and unconventional vinification methods. Everything is bottled without filtering, fining, or sulphur additions of any kind. - Selections de la Viña

Žutina - BIBICh

Dalmatia - Croatia



Croatian Debit from 50-year-old vines, 90 day maceration followed by aging in neutral oak. Refreshing with a slightly oily mouthfeel and a long finish of toasted nuts. Grassy flavors with medium acidity. 

Pairings: Smoked Trout, Green Salad, Garlic Bread

Serving Instructions: 48°- 52° 

About BIBICh 

"We are a small family winery located in Plastovo. - BIBICh"

Primatraccia Bianco - Controvento

Abruzzo - Italy



This orange Trebbiano is a pleasure to drink with its refreshing flavors of citrus zest, mango, peaches, and salt. This wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks with only 7 days of skin contact followed by aging in clay amphora for 6-8 months. Tasting Notes: Rich with fruit, bright acidity, and minerals.

Pairings: Pizza, Grilled Vegetables, Stinky Cheese

Serving Temperature: 45°- 50° 

About Controvento 

This wine is produced thanks to the land rich in stones and its exposure, to the sun, to the sea breeze, and to the meticulous work of man.” — Vincezo Di Meo
Meaning “upwind” in Italian, Controvento is a 5 hectare vineyard in the Rocca San Giovanni region of Abruzzo just kilometers off the Adriatic Sea. Enzo’s farm, situated partially in a valley with the backdrop of the beautiful Adriatic in the distance, is a completely biological organically-run vineyard.

Vines growing seven varietals all on calcareous soil are cooled by the salty sea breeze. The vines are fertilized with only winter green manure and are primed under falling moon. Zero chemicals of any kind are ever used. Enzo’s philosophy of wine making is strict, allowing the grape to flourish in each and every bottle.
Enzo once said that he wanted to make wines like his grandfather did, in the purest possible form. Enzo never fines, clarifies, filters, or uses and So2 and always allows for spontaneous fermentation. - Minum Selections

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!