St Verny

Auvergne has a long wine growing tradition that dates back to Roman and Gallic times. Saint-Verny is a small, highly dedicated, 65-grower cooperative that worked diligently to establish AOC status for Cotes d’Auvergne in 2011. All vineyards are farmed sustainably, and many are organic. Prior to recognizing its independent AOC status, the area was considered an extension of the Loire Valley, and its unique volcanic soil and topographical attributes had not been formally recognized. The vineyards stretch across 170 hectares from Riom in the north to Issoire in the south. The vines grow on volcanic soils, which contribute a real mineral driven character to the wines. The focus is on a minimalist approach in the cellar in order to maximize terroir expression. A cooperative structure allows these passionate growers to realize the benefits of their efforts in their vineyards, as it would not make economic sense for them to bottle fruit from their small plots independently. - Communal Brands