Chateau de la Moriniere

Château de la Morinière isn't just about location, it's about mastery. Nestled on a sun-drenched hillside, their sprawling 40-hectare vineyard reigns supreme, capturing the very essence of the Sevre et Maine terroir. Stony slopes, bathed in sun, become the canvas for crafting fine and aromatic wines. Imagine the wind whispering through the vines, infusing them with mineral magic, and that's just the beginning. This isn't a mass-produced affair; every grape is tended with meticulous care, each step guided by generations of winemaking wisdom. So, why taste their wine? Because it's not just grapes and sunshine, it's a love story poured into every bottle. It's the taste of meticulous terroir, whispered secrets of the sun, and the passion that transforms grapes into liquid poetry. Take a sip, and discover the soul of Sevre et Maine, bottled by Château de la Morinière.