Folle Blanche 2021

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Dry natural white wine with stone fruit flavors, bright acidity, light minerality and a crisp citrusy finish.


Apple, pear, lemon and lime.


  • 11%


  • 2021


  • White

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Lobster Thermidor, Goat Cheese Toasts, Oysters

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Folle Blanche

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Adventure Level

Mostly Classic


Loire Valley, France

Jean-Pascal Aubron

The Producer

About Jean Pascal Aubron

At Domaine de l'Audigère, we fully understand the meaning of "excellence" in winemaking. Jean-Pascal AUBRON continues a centuries-old tradition, expertly applying classic methods to produce high-quality wines. Through meticulous vineyard-specific vinification, he creates the renowned Muscadet sur lie, showcasing his mastery and dedication to the craft.

About the Region

Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and historic chateaux, is also a prominent region for natural wine production. Nestled along the meandering Loire River, this diverse wine region boasts a rich viticultural heritage dating back centuries. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in natural winemaking, with many producers embracing sustainable and organic practices. In the Loire Valley, natural winemakers often focus on expressing the unique terroir of their vineyards, allowing the grapes to shine with minimal intervention. From the crisp, mineral-driven whites of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé to the elegant, light-bodied reds of Chinon and Bourgueil, the diversity of grape varieties and styles in the region is reflected in its natural wines. These wines typically exhibit vibrant acidity, bright fruit flavors, and a sense of purity that captures the essence of the Loire Valley's cool climate and limestone-rich soils. With its commitment to authenticity and respect for nature, the Loire Valley continues to be a beacon for those seeking distinctive and environmentally conscious wines.

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