Producer Profile

Enderle & Moll

"The estate known as Enderle and Moll is really just two guys, a tiny cellar, a basket press, a few hectares of old vines and a hell of a lot of buzz. Sven and Florian work with very old vines. In fact their vines are among the oldest Pinot Noir vines in Baden. They farm all the vineyards organically and biodynamically. Absolutely everything is done by hand in the vineyards (which are quite steep) and in the cellar. They have a direct line on barrels from this little Burgundy estate called Domaine Dujac – the barrels range from one to over five years of age. The wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Where The Wines Come From


sustainability. Nestled in the southwest corner of Germany, along the border with France and Switzerland, Baden benefits from a favorable climate and diverse terroir. Indigenous grape varieties such as Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Müller-Thurgau, and Riesling thrive in this environment, producing wines that are elegant, nuanced, and expressive of their origin. Natural winemakers in Baden embrace organic and biodynamic farming practices, nurturing their vineyards with care and respect for the land. In the cellar, they employ minimalist techniques, allowing the grapes to ferment spontaneously with native yeasts and minimal sulfur usage, resulting in wines that authentically express the terroir of Baden. The resulting wines are vibrant, aromatic, and reflective of the region's unique landscapes and winemaking traditions. Whether enjoyed with local cuisine or savored on their own, natural wines from Baden offer a taste of Germany's winemaking heritage and a glimpse into the future of sustainable viticulture.