Producer Profile

Constantina Sotelo

"Constantina Sotelo is a small winegrower from the Rias Baixas who makes unique albariños in a family micro winery that is located in a village in the Salnés Valley, specifically in Castrelo (Cambados), a place known as the birthplace of Albariño.

We started this project in 1999 driven by the support of the whole family and headed by Constantina Sotelo, a project that has not been exempt from setbacks, concerns ... but with the conviction of creating something unique and unconventional, where we return the prominence that our vineyards deserve, reflecting in each glass respect for our terroir, where honesty and minimal intervention reign.- Constantina Sotelo"

Where The Wines Come From


Albariño, originating from the Galicia region of Spain and Portugal's Vinho Verde region, has become synonymous with fresh, vibrant white wines that perfectly capture the essence of their coastal terroir. Natural winemakers who work with Albariño grapes prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, allowing the grape's inherent characteristics to shine through with minimal intervention. Grown in the cool, maritime climate of Galicia, Albariño grapes develop crisp acidity and lively citrus flavors, often accompanied by notes of green apple, peach, and saline minerality. By eschewing chemical additives and focusing on natural fermentation, these winemakers produce Albariño wines that are pure, expressive, and true to their origins. As the demand for terroir-driven and authentic wines continues to rise, Albariño remains a favorite among natural wine enthusiasts, offering a refreshing and distinctive taste of the Atlantic coast with every sip.