October 2023 | Orange Club

white natural wine
white natural wine

Welcome to the October Orange Club from MYSA Natural Wine! 

A note from our founder: 

Welcome to October, orange wine's favorite month! Whether it's still hot (pull out the Yetti) or you're headed to a Halloween party (Lammidia is always a crowd pleaser) we have you covered for all the things you want to do this month! With 2 big names and 2 lesser-known delicious Eastern European wines, you'll have all the hype and the juice!

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine

  1. Rukatac - Skaramuča
  2. Fruit Basket - Yetti & the Kokonut
  3. Oranzna - Dorcha
  4. Bianco Anfora - Lammidia
  5. Wine Evaluation Sheet

Rukatac - Skaramuča

Dalmatian Coast - Croatia


Rukatac Skaramuča


A Croatian natural white wine with orchard fruit flavors, citrus aroma, light acidity and salinity.

Pairings:  Midnight Pasta with Anchovies, Shrimp Stuffed Salmon, Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto

Serving Instructions: 38°- 45°F

About Skaramuča

Skaramuča family farms the largest vineyard in the Dingač appellation on Pelješac Peninsula today. This extreme region is considered to be the best plavac mali site in Croatia, with only a handful of growers producing limited quantities of wine. Extreme working environment of this rugged terrain requires a lot of manual labor. The sun and the wind dry the grapes on the vine, providing natural yield control. The rustic and extracted plavac mali grape thrives here and produces special wines with long aging potential. - Vinum

Fruit Basket - Yetti & the Kokonut

Eden Valley - Australia


Fruit Basket Yetti and the Kokonut


A natural orange wine with light stone fruit flavors, tropical fruit aromas, balanced acidity, buttery cream notes and a smooth finish

Pairings: Nigerian Jollof Rice, Cotton Cheesecake, Thai Crispy Fish

Serving Instructions: 44°- 55°F

About Yetti & the Kokonut

Dave Geyer and Koen Janssens are the Yetti and the Kokonut. These two high-octane, talented young winemakers have partnered up to produce some truly original and thrilling wines from sustainable vineyards across South Australia.

Oranzna - Dorcha

Štajerska - Slovenia


Dorcha Oranzna


A refreshing natural white blend from Slovenia with bursting tropical fruit flavors, floral and citrus notes, hints of spice and clear minerality!

Pairings: Rainbow Quiche, Sausages with Bacon & Apple Sauerkraut, Shaved Fennel Salad

Serving Instructions: 38°- 45°F

About Dorcha

Dorcha Winemaker

 “Located in Ritoznoj in Štajerska, Dorcha is the brainchild of Izidor (Dorcha) Vehovar. He is the 3rd generation of his family to continue the path of viticulture and winemaking, and is intent on a new direction, a friendlier path. A farmer without a conventional view of wine production, a winemaker who is following the local tradition of producing pure, vibrant wines. Gaining from some fresh perspective from his relatively-new neighbor in the village (Nick Gee, Heaps Good Wine Co.), he is now adding to his family's tradition by making exciting wines and made naturally with a modern twist. Izidor is a passionate but humble winemaker in the village of Ritoznoj. He keeps to himself and is often found wandering the wooded mountains of Pohorje, embracing nature and foraging for local mushrooms (a local specialty in NE Slovenia), or in his cellar processing and aging his own salumi and cured meats. - Vinum

Bianco Anfora - Lammidia

Abruzzo - Italy



Aged in amphora for 10 months. The perfect porch pounder for a sunny day with a really great rounded mouth feel. Notes of vanilla, butterscotch, lime, and green apple.

Pairings: White Meats, Grilled Vegetables, Stinky Cheese

Serving Temperature: 38°- 45°F

About Lammidia

Lammidia Winemaker

Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani were childhood friends in Abruzzo, then lost touch. When they found each other again after university, it was with a shared passion for wine, so they decided to try their hands at making it together. Since the beginning of their project, they’ve approached it with a love of both natural winemaking and avid experimentation. They’ve never trained at a formal wine academy, and they don’t rely on agronomists or oenologists. They have learned by trial and error in the vineyards and cellars. In fact, their first fermentation in 2010 was such a disaster that they called in an expert grandma, virtuosa at getting rid of the evil eye, to perform a ritual over their grapes. Apparently it worked, and Lammidia (“evil eye” in Abruzzese dialect) was born. - From Cream Wine

Wine Evaluation Sheet

Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!