Anfora Bianco 2020

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Aged in amphora for 10 months. The perfect porch pounder for a sunny day with a really great rounded mouth feel. Notes of vanilla, butterscotch, lime, and green apple.


Complex with a long tropical finish!


  • 11%


  • 2020


  • Orange

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White Meats, Grilled Vegetables, Stinky Cheese



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Abruzzo, Italy

lammidia winemaker

The Producer

About Lammidia

Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani, childhood friends in Abruzzo, reconnected after university, fueled by a shared passion for wine. Their winemaking journey, marked by love for natural methods and daring experimentation, distinguishes them. Operating without formal wine academy training, agronomists, or oenologists, Gentile and Giuliani embrace a hands-on approach, learning through trial and error in both vineyards and cellars. Their unconventional path began in 2010, marked by a challenging fermentation, leading them to seek the guidance of an expert grandma, skilled in dispelling the evil eye. The ritual proved successful, giving rise to Lammidia, aptly named after the Abruzzese dialect term for "evil eye." To taste their wines is to experience the outcome of their unorthodox journey, where each bottle reflects not only their dedication to natural winemaking but also the resilience and creativity born from their shared love for the craft.