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Samegrelo, Georgia

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Samegrelo, Georgia

Nestled in the lush, subtropical landscapes of western Georgia, Samegrelo is emerging as a captivating destination for natural wine enthusiasts seeking unique expressions of Georgian winemaking. With its verdant hillsides and proximity to the Black Sea, Samegrelo's terroir offers a perfect balance of humidity and sunshine, ideal for cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Ojaleshi and Tsolikouri. Natural winemakers in Samegrelo honor ancient traditions, often fermenting wines in qvevri buried underground, allowing for spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. This minimal intervention approach yields wines that reflect the region's terroir with vibrant acidity, rich fruit flavors, and a distinctive minerality. Samegrelo's natural wines offer a sensory journey, capturing the essence of the land and the spirit of Georgian winemaking tradition. Whether enjoying a refreshing white or a complex red, Samegrelo's natural wines are a testament to the region's cultural heritage and commitment to sustainable viticulture.

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