December 2023 | 12 Bottle Club

Welcome to the December 12 Bottle Club from MYSA Natural Wine!   

A note from our founder:    

It's the most wonderful time of the year! With your fun Eastern reds, the best French red for bread, so much better than beer! It's the most wonderful time of the year. But really, we love these reds, they are festive, fun, and ready for cozying up with your loved ones and pets this holiday season. Thank you for spending your time with us in 2023 and we hope you love these reds as much as we did!

-Holly, Founder - MYSA Natural Wine 

  1. Moulin-à-Vent - Domaine des Moriers
  2. Alante - BIBICh
  3. Supérieur Eden - Chateau L'Escart
  4. Moschomavro Pella Red Domaine - Ktima Ligas
  5. Bufentis Minervois - Domaine Benjamin Taillandier
  6. Pinonero - Lammidia
  7. Ikons - Voštinić — Klasnić
  8. Susucaru - Frank Cornellissen
  9. Vita Vivet Cava Brut - Celler Jan Vidal
  10. Dabinett and Ben Davis Cider - Wild Arc
  11. Gavi - Orsola
  12. Tragolargo Alicante White - Finca Casa Balaguer
  13. Wine Evaluation Sheet

    Moulin-à-Vent - Domaine des Moriers

    Beaujolais - France


    Domaine des Moriers Moulin-à-Vent


    A juicy French gamay with ripe berry fruit flavors, floral notes, hints of spice, medium acidity, and soft tannins.

    Pairings: Honey Glazed Cod, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Salmon with Blueberry Sauce

    Serving Temperature: 55°- 60°F

    About Domaine des Moriers

    Domaine des Moriers Winemaker

    François de Nicolay, the visionary behind Domaine des Moriers, upholds the essence of Beaujolais winemaking traditions. Inheriting the vineyards in 1980, he crafts wines of unparalleled elegance on the slopes of Mount Brouilly. The estate's diverse soils—granite, schist, and clay—impart a unique finesse. With minimal intervention, grapes ferment naturally, aging in oak barrels for up to 18 months. The result: rich, characterful wines reflecting the region's terroir. Domaine des Moriers offers Beaujolais-Villages, Fleurie, and Morgon, acclaimed for elegance and minerality, earning global recognition with Silver Medals and commendations. A hidden gem in Fleurie, the winery seamlessly merges tradition and modernity, making it a must for those seeking wines embodying terroir reverence and unwavering excellence.

    Alante - BIBICh

    Dalmatia - Croatia



    Syrah from 25-year-old vines in Dalmatia. Hand-harvested organic grapes undergo a 4-day maceration followed by aging in stainless steel. Delicious and expressive red wine that tastes very juicy with berry notes, balanced with minerality.

    Pairings: Pasta, Roasted Food, Pork

    Serving Temperature: 55°- 62°F

    About BIBICh

    BIBICh Winemaker


    "We are a small family winery located in Plastovo." - BIBICh

    Supérieur Eden - Chateau L'Escart

    Bordeaux - France



    A well-structured and balanced Bordeaux natural red wine bursting with juicy black fruit flavors, ripe berry aromas, silky tannins, medium acidity, and a long, lingering finish enriched with hints of spice and oak.

    Pairings: Grilled Vegetable Skewers, Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops, Gouda and Pear Tart

    Serving Instructions: 55°- 60°F 

    About Chateau L'Escart

    Chateau L'Escart Winemaker

    Château L'ESCART stands as a testament to a winemaking legacy that spans centuries, rooted in a profound commitment to traditional agricultural heritage. Nestled at the gateway to Bordeaux, its 37-hectare vineyard, a seamless single block with vines averaging 43 years, embodies a dedication to authenticity. The unique clay-limestone soil, a hallmark since 1752, imparts unparalleled quality to the wines. The vineyard's strategic location on a clay-limestone plateau ensures wines of Château L'ESCART embody freshness, length, and distinction—a testament to the limestone present in all soils. The clay, in turn, contributes strength and density, hallmark characteristics of the finest Bordeaux wines. With a commitment to both heart and mind in winemaking, experiencing Château L'ESCART's offerings becomes not just a sip but a journey into the exceptional terroir that defines their remarkable wines.

    Moschomavro Pella Red Domaine - Ktima Ligas

    Macedonia - Greece


    Video Coming Soon!


    An exceptional Greek natural red wine made from Moschomavro with vibrant dark berry fruit flavors, subtle and sweet floral aroma, hints of spice, balanced acidity, and a lingering finish.

    Pairings: Tzatziki with Grilled Pita, Moussaka with Grilled Lamb Chops, Baklava with Gruyère

    Serving Temperature: 55°- 60°F

    About Ktima Ligas

    Ktima Ligas Winemaker


    In the heart of Macedonia, Greece, Pella Winery embraces a rich history intertwined with the art of winemaking. With ancient mosaics illustrating a divine connection to the god of wine, the region's commitment to viticulture is palpable. Thomas Ligas, a French-trained oenologist, found his way to Pella in 1985, driven by a desire to explore traditional winemaking methods and the local ecosystem. Surrounded by abundant sunlight, nutrient-rich soils, and a commitment to organic farming, Ligas, along with his children, cultivates indigenous Greek grape varieties like Roditis, Assyrtiko, Kydonitsa, Xinomavro, and Limniona. The family's modern winery facilitates optimal grape processing and controlled fermentation, all while minimizing intervention. Embracing spontaneity, natural processes, and minimal sulfur usage, Ligas wines stand as a testament to Greece's winemaking legacy and the Ligas family's dedication to authenticity.

    Bufentis Minervois - Domaine Benjamin Taillandier

    Languedoc-Roussillon - France


    Bufentis Minervois Domaine Benjamin Taillandie


    Triangle Les Tetes Red Wine presents ripe red and black berry flavors, enveloped in a fragrant bouquet of dark cherries and plums. With balanced acidity and soft tannins, it offers subtle herbal notes and a smooth finish. A harmonious and inviting red wine

    Pairings: Rosemary-Seasoned Lamb Shanks, Tender Beef Pot Roast, Brie & Fig Crostini

    Serving Temperature: 55°- 60°F

    About Domaine Benjamin Taillandier

    Domaine Benjamin Taillandier

     Benjamin Taillandier, a visionary winemaker, embarked on a journey rooted in his commitment to crafting wines that embody a unique philosophy. Having completed winemaking school, Benjamin gained experience in a conventional winery before encountering natural winemaker Jean-Baptiste Senat in 2004. Influenced by Senat's innovative ideas and techniques, Benjamin was inspired to pursue winemaking aligned with a similar philosophy. In 2007, Benjamin returned to his family's hometown of Caunes-Minervois, strategically located between Carcassonne and The Montagne Noire. Here, he acquired 5.7 hectares of Grenache Noir, Syrah, Cinsault, Terret Gris, and commenced organic farming, later transitioning to biodynamics. Operating on a principle of continual growth, Benjamin expanded his estate to 9.5 hectares, meticulously tending to each vine by hand. With full Ecocert certification and the establishment of the popular wine bar, Cantine du Curé, during the summer tourist season, Benjamin has become a vital figure in the local wine scene. What sets Benjamin apart is his dedication to crafting wines that defy the conventions of the Minervois AOC. In a region often characterized by concentrated and high-alcohol wines, Benjamin focuses on producing full-flavored yet lighter, fresher, and lower-alcohol wines. His commitment to introducing the concept of Minervois "vin de soif" reflects a dedication to a vibrant, lively style that distinguishes his wines in a region known for its bold and robust offerings. Tasting Benjamin Taillandier's wines becomes an exploration of a winemaker's vision, where each sip tells a story of innovation, terroir respect, and a refreshing departure from the norm.

    Pinonero - Lammidia

    Abruzzo - Italy


    Lammidia Pinonero


    An Italian natural red wine made from Pinot Nero features juicy berry fruit flavors, red fruit, and a bouquet of floral aroma with a hint of earthiness. Bright acidity, silky tannins, and a medium-short finish highlight its finesse. Perfect with grilled chicken or salads, Brie, or Camembert.

    Pairings: Feta & Watermelon Salad, Roasted Chicken Piccata, Tiramisu with Espresso-Soaked Ladyfingers

    Serving Temperature: 55°- 60°F

    About Lammidia

    Lammidia Winemaker

    Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani, childhood friends from Abruzzo, reunited after university, driven by a shared love for wine. Opting for a non-traditional approach, they embarked on winemaking with a blend of natural techniques and bold experimentation. Without formal training or reliance on experts, they learned through hands-on experiences in the vineyards and cellars. In 2010, faced with a disastrous fermentation, they sought the guidance of an expert grandmother skilled in dispelling the evil eye, leading to the birth of Lammidia, meaning "evil eye" in Abruzzese dialect. Their wines reflect a unique blend of passion, experimentation, and a touch of unconventional magic, making them a must-try for those seeking distinctive and authentic winemaking stories.

    Ikons - Voštinić — Klasnić

    Moslavina - Croatia



    A Croatian natural white wine with juicy tropical and stone fruit flavors, delicate floral and citrus notes, light acidity, easy-drinking tannins, and a medium-length finish. Perfect with delicate grilled seafood or vibrant salads.

    Pairings: Octopus Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, Roasted Tilapia, Dalmatian Fig Tart

    Serving Instructions: 38°- 45°F


    About Voštinić — Klasnić

    Voštinić — Klasnić Winemaker

     “Tomislav Bolfan, the visionary behind the estate, practices strict organic farming, prioritizing the well-being of the vineyards and grapes over formal certification. Unbound by traditional norms, he opts for native yeast fermentations, often initiating the process in the cool morning hours to preserve Škrlet's exceptional aromatics. The estate's commitment to organic practices, coupled with Tomislav's unconventional approach, results in wines that encapsulate the essence of the terroir and the unique character of Škrlet. Tasting these wines offers a journey into a winemaker's philosophy, where authenticity and the pure expression of the grape take precedence over conventional labels.

    Susucaru - Frank Cornellissen

    Sicily - Italy


    Frank Cornellissen Susucaru


    One of our best-sellers of all time and an incredible expression of Sicilian wine from a winemaker who pushes the boundaries of what's possible. This year's vintage of Susucaru Rosato feels more like a 2015-2019 version, with a strong aromatic profile, a little kick, and some sediment in the bottle. Susucaru sees 10 days of skin contact and undergoes full malolactic fermentation before bottling.

    Pairings: Risotto, Seafood, White Meat

    Serving Temperature: 38°- 45°F

    About Frank Cornellissen

    Frank Cornellissen Winemaker

     Frank’s wines are like none we have ever tasted, and there is no doubt they have raised a stir throughout the industry. These wines express the absolutely unique land of Mt. Etna in a way that no other wine has. You really have to taste the wines and watch the color and flavor evolve in your glass to understand them. Yields are extremely low, and the United States allocation is extremely small.

    Vita Vivet Cava Brut - Celler Jan Vidal

    Cava - Spain


    Video Coming Soon!


    Spanish Cava Brut with fresh and juicy stone fruit flavors, light floral notes, brisk acidity, easy-drinking tannins, and a medium-length finish with hints of toastiness. Perfect with seafood, salads, or creamy cheeses.

    Pairings:  Oysters Rockefeller, Paella Valenciana with Seafood, Spanish Custard

    Serving Instructions: 44°- 55°F

    About Celler Jan Vidal

    Celler Jan Vidal Winemaker

     Nestled in the scenic Baix Penedès region just south of Barcelona, this winery is a beacon of tradition and sustainable viticulture. Established in 1970, it boasts a rich family history deeply rooted in winemaking. The commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous selection of hand-harvested grapes and dedication to sustainable practices. Notably, both Cavas featured in our portfolio from this winery are certified organic, showcasing their unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious winemaking. Tasting their wines is an invitation to experience the essence of a longstanding winemaking heritage, where the marriage of tradition, sustainability, and organic craftsmanship culminates in every sip.


    Dabinett and Ben Davis Cider - Wild Arc

    New York - USA


    Wild Arc Dabinett and Ben Davis Cider


    A zero-zero cider with stone fruit flavors, white floral notes, and a light buttery cream finish!

    Pairings: French Crêpe, Apricot Cheesecake, Chicken Curry

    Serving Instructions: 38°- 45°F 

    About Wild Arc

    Wild Arc Winemaker

    From living 30 years in the city of Brooklyn to winemaking in the Hudson Valley. Todd and Crystal had little to no experience working in vineyards or agriculture but they wanted to prove that exciting and unique wines could be grown biodynamic in a permaculture-focused farm. 

    Gavi - Orsola

    Piedmont - Italy


    Orsola Gavi


    A straw-colored natural white wine that it tropical fruit-forward, with intense white floral notes, hints of citrus, and light tannins. Best served chilled!

    Pairings: Mushroom Risotto, Foie Gras, Tajarin al Tartufo

    Serving Temperature: 38°- 45°F 

    About Orsola

    Orsola Winemaker

    At the helm of L’Azienda Vitivinicola Castello di Tassarolo is Massimiliana Spinola, overseeing 17 hectares of vineyards nestled in the heart of Gavi in Piedmont. The estate, rooted in a rich winemaking history dating back to the 14th century, cultivates the “Cortese di Gavi,” Barbera, and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. A transformative moment occurred in 2006 when Massimiliana embraced biodynamic viticulture, ensuring utmost respect for nature and the environment. Henry, Massimiliana's former partner and a London native, introduced innovative methods such as employing working heavy horses in the vineyards—a pioneering effort in Northern Italy. With a deep understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies and over two decades of experience, Henry actively promotes heavy horse work through courses and a nationally recognized certificate in Piedmont. Collaborating with enologist Vincenzo Muni, Massimiliana focuses on crafting white wines without added sulfur and oxidative properties, a challenging feat in natural winemaking. The success is attributed to the health of the soil and grapes nurtured by their biodynamic practices. Certified organic and biodynamic since 2006 and 2007 respectively, with additional recognition from USDA Organic and Vegan certifications, L’Azienda Vitivinicola Castello di Tassarolo's wines embody a unique synergy of tradition, innovation, and environmental stewardship, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a taste of Piedmontese heritage and sustainable viticulture.

    Tragolargo Alicante White - Finca Casa Balaguer

    Valencia - Spain



    A perfect expression of Alicante's terroir, this glou glou Spanish natural orange wine has vibrant citrus tropical fruit flavors, white floral aroma, light acidity, smooth tannins, and a medium-length finish. Ideal with fresh seafood, salads, or creamy cheeses.

    Pairings: Tuna Poke Bowl, Baked Sea Bass with Herbs, Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream

    Serving Instructions: 38°- 45°F

    About Finca Casa Balaguer

    Finca Casa Balaguer Winemaker

     Andres Carull, the current custodian of Finca Casa Balaguer, emerges as a distinctive winemaker with a captivating narrative deeply intertwined with the legacy of Rafa Bernabe, recognized as the father of natural wine in Valencia. Hailing from the winemaking town of Villena in Alicante, Andres' journey into the world of natural wine began with a revelatory sip in an unexpected locale – a bar in St. Emilion, Bordeaux. Struck by the unconventional beauty of a cloudy glass of wine, Andres embarked on a quest to bring such innovation back home, eventually leading him to the mentorship of Rafa Bernabe. As Andres took the reins of Finca Casa Balaguer from Rafa in 2013, the estate became synonymous with cutting-edge winemaking. The duo worked in tandem for three years until health concerns prompted Rafa to step away. Despite international offers, Rafa's commitment to local roots led him to choose Andres as his successor. Overcoming financial challenges with unwavering determination, Andres secured the estate and continued the legacy of crafting exceptional wines. Tasting the wines from Finca Casa Balaguer is not just a sensory experience; it's an immersion into the passion, resilience, and local authenticity that define Andres Carull's winemaking journey, making it a compelling and must-try expression of the terroir.

    Wine Evaluation Sheet

    Want to have some fun evaluating and taking note on your wine? Check out our natural wine tasting sheets we made special for the club!