Thibault Ducroux

Thibault's passion for winemaking ignited in his father's Beaujolais cellar as a young boy. His pursuit of natural wine was kindled by the pioneering work of Jules Chauvet, the "father of natural winemaking." Inspired, Thibault studied viticulture and oenology, then deepened his knowledge alongside Beaujolais trailblazers. He honed his craft at Julien Sunier's estate, embracing organic viticulture and natural winemaking. In 2019, he introduced his first wine, "En Roue Libre" - a tribute to his love for cycling and hands-off winemaking. Thibault's journey continues as he tends to old Gamay vines, crafting wines that reflect terroir and purity. His dedication and youthful enthusiasm promise a bright future for this emerging natural winemaker in the heart of Beaujolais.