In 2011, Chateau Simian’s first certified biodynamic vintages were born from vines newly managed by Florian, who finished his studies in the meantime. “Ever since, we’ve seen how an agricultural philosophy that respects the great laws of nature results in grapes of exceptional quality: thick skins rich in color and aromas, silky tannins, juicy and sweet pulp with very stable acidity,” Florian nods at the quality of material that he sends to Pierre Chaupin, his cellarmaster who arrived at the property around the same time as he did. But it’s not only about making some smooth, textured wines (however delicious they are); this approach also helps to vivify and regenerate the soil as a whole, and benefits not only the vines but all the plants that share their habitat, including the so-called “weeds”. “We basically learned that the only way to “command” nature is to obey, not oppose her,” Florian shrugs, leaving us with a laconically exact sum-up of the biodynamic philosophy – and his family’s history as well.  -Jenny & François