Luc Lapeyre

Luc Lapeyre is a winemaker dedicated to crafting unique and terroir-driven wines in the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon. Unlike many producers in the area who focus on large-scale production, Luc prioritizes quality over quantity. He champions sustainable viticulture and minimal intervention in the winemaking process, allowing the character of his grapes and the local land to shine through in each bottle.

What truly sets Luc Lapeyre apart is his commitment to a specific vineyard named "Pieds Rouges," which translates to "red feet." This vineyard holds a special place in Luc's heart. The name refers to the unique clay-rich soil with a distinctive reddish hue. This soil composition, combined with Luc's dedication to organic farming practices and old-vine Grenache grapes, results in truly expressive wines. The Grenache grown in these nutrient-poor, red soils struggles slightly, leading to lower yields but intensely concentrated grapes bursting with flavor. Luc's approach in the cellar is minimalist, using whole-cluster fermentation and minimal intervention to preserve the essence of this one-of-a-kind vineyard. The resulting "Pieds Rouges" wines are known for their depth of character, showcasing the unique terroir of the vineyard and Luc's passion for natural winemaking.