Domaine de la Pinte

Our Estate is 34 hectares of vines planted on the terroirs of Arbois and Pupillin, enhanced by the blue marls of the lias which stand out from Arbois to Château Chalon, at an altitude of 400 meters. 34 ha of vines including 17 Savagnin, 6 Chardonnay, 7 Poulsard, 4 Trousseau and Pinot Noir. We are winegrower, harvesting owner, and as such, we make our wine, from the bunch to the dressed bottle, we make our entire harvest and nothing but our harvest. Since 1999 we have been practicing organic viticulture and in 2009 we decided to convert to biodynamics. We have a very nice working tool, starting of course with our Domain and we will be happy to welcome you there.
- Domaine de la Pinte