Chateau L Escart

Château L'ESCART stands as a testament to a winemaking legacy that spans centuries, rooted in a profound commitment to traditional agricultural heritage. Nestled at the gateway to Bordeaux, its 37-hectare vineyard, a seamless single block with vines averaging 43 years, embodies a dedication to authenticity. The unique clay-limestone soil, a hallmark since 1752, imparts unparalleled quality to the wines.

The vineyard's strategic location on a clay-limestone plateau ensures wines of Château L'ESCART embody freshness, length, and distinction—a testament to the limestone present in all soils. The clay, in turn, contributes strength and density, hallmark characteristics of the finest Bordeaux wines. With a commitment to both heart and mind in winemaking, experiencing Château L'ESCART's offerings becomes not just a sip but a journey into the exceptional terroir that defines their remarkable wines.