Charlotte & Aurélien Houillon

Aurélien and Charlotte Houillon, the driving force behind their winemaking project initiated in Vaucluse in 2017, bring a unique pedigree to the world of wine. Their years of apprenticeship in the Jura alongside renowned figures like Pierre Ovenoy and Aurélien's brother, Emmanuel Houillon, have endowed them with a wealth of expertise. Embracing a minimalist philosophy in both winemaking and biodynamics, the duo has successfully transplanted the legendary approach of Ovenoy into their own venture.

Nurturing 9 hectares of predominantly rescued vines in the charming village of Faucon, nestled beneath the imposing Mont Ventoux, the Houillons create wines that are a testament to their wild and untamed spirit. Despite their untamed nature, these wines exhibit the deep and intense characteristics of southern Rhône classics, including Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault. What makes their wines particularly enticing is the meticulous, hands-on approach taken in the winemaking process – a nod to their commitment to artisanal craftsmanship. Adding a personal touch, some of their labels are handcrafted from papyrus, painstakingly screened from scratch in their own barn. To taste the wines of Aurélien and Charlotte Houillon is to embark on a journey marked by tradition, innovation, and a profound connection to the terroir.