“I make wines in steel or in amphora. No wood. No compromises. I make 100% Umbrian Barbera (rosé and red but without sulphites!), 100% Pecorino (indigenous to this area), 100% Sangiovese, 100% Grechetto, 100% Trebbiano Spoletino, 100% Pinot Nero, a pet nat made with the refermentation along with the stems, and some old-way rural blends. I only produce a little less than 25,000 bottles.

I have two lines of wine, the classic one and the one made in amphora. Both of them are made in a natural way without additives or clarifications. I work by myself in the vineyard and in the cellar. My wines are literally handmade because they are all harvested by hand in boxes, I punch down the cap using my own hands only while fermenting and I put all the labels with manual labeler. This old fashioned way of a winemaking takes way more time and energy but the result is really worth it. I’m really proud of the fine authentic wines that represent me as a person and the land where I grew up. I will be satisfied when I will be able to make you feel, when you open one of my bottles, the smell of the earth at sunset in spring.” -Francesco Annesanti; Zev Rovine