Mario Rovira, a winemaker hailing from Cataluña, stands out for his diverse and extensive winemaking journey that spans across various renowned wine regions. He honed his skills in enology and agronomy at Tarragona before venturing into international territories such as New Zealand, Sancerre, Napa Valley, and Bordeaux. This global exposure allowed him to absorb a wealth of winemaking techniques and perspectives.

What sets Rovira apart is his commitment to crafting wines of precision that authentically reflect their terroir. Driven by a passion for expressing a sense of place, his wines are characterized by fresh acidity and moderate alcohol content. After returning to Spain, Rovira embarked on an exhaustive search for the ideal location to fulfill his winemaking vision. With the support of his family, he settled in Ponferrada and carefully selected vineyards in the foothills of the Montes Aquilanos, within the DO of Bierzo.

The name Montes Aquilanos, derived from the Romans who marveled at the multitude of eagles soaring above these peaks, serves as the southern boundary, distinguishing Bierzo from the rest of Léon. Mario Rovira's wines, shaped by his diverse experiences and commitment to showcasing the unique character of the Bierzo region, offer enthusiasts an opportunity to savor the result of his meticulous craftsmanship and passion for precision winemaking.