Valpolicella...But Natural!

Valpolicella...But Natural!

Posted by Holly Berrigan on

We met Emanuela almost two years ago when we attended VinItaly with the Italian trade agency. I was in love with the clean, crisp taste of their Valpolicellas and the fact that they are able to make them naturally while still being in the DOC and DOCG system! To top it off, Emanuela herself is such a charismatic person and the way she described her family's work made you want to buy them out ASAP. I even used one of their posts as an example of my presentation on how to connect with millennial consumers. Wines like these were the reason we changed from being just organic wine importers to natural wine importers!

Fast-forward a year at RAW wine in Bushwick and we met again, but this time with our wine club set to launch! After retasting, we knew we had to get these wines in the first order and have people trying what Valpolicellas can taste like when made in this style.

Il Monte Caro is particularly special in our portfolio because they only make 3 wines. Most of our producers are incredibly experimental, with sometimes over a dozen wines, and we love this and seeing how each of them evolve over time. But for Il Monte Caro, their life is Valpolicella and the finesse and years of experience creating these 3 wines are clear in every vintage they make.

Check out their wines in our store or get subscribed to our natural wine club to experience these wines for yourself! Here are some images of their vineyard:

Friends Finding a Home in the Vines

Friends finding a home in the vines

Il Monte Caro at Raw Wine New York

Emanuela with their 3 wines

Terroir at Il Monte Caro

Terroir from the Monte Caro

Il Monte Caro during Thunderstorm

Vineyard Storm Vistas

Check out their wines now!

Shop Il Monte Caro Wine

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