New Producer Alert! The Aldo Has Landed

New Producer Alert! The Aldo Has Landed

Posted by Niclas Jansson on

"An exquisite and unique nectar of the gods"

Okay, so we just lifted that sentence from a Vivino comment on Shiva, one of the wines we're importing from Sicilian winemaker Aldo Viola, but the same can be said, in our opinion, of all of Aldo's wines.

This is probably our favorite shipment we've brought in to date, just because of the sheer variety of wines we got from Aldo. Most importers will stick 1-4 wines on a pallet and bring those in (traditional retail sales needs a little consistency), but we have wines on a single pallet. It's got it all - fresh, chillable reds, orange wines, whites, aged reds, you name it.

Aldo is from a winemaking family in Sicily, taking the vineyard over in 2000. With 16 hectares across two sites in Alcamo, Aldo uses a rigid selection process to ensure the grapes fit his natural standards of production.

He's also a really interesting and passionate guy. Here's how most of the emails we get from him sound:

Great, I am really happy about this new collaboration. I am will be very glad to have you in my vineyard!

The Saignee 16 is still tasting fine, more complexity has come. I am not sure about the Egesta 16, perhaps it is better we start with the 17, which I have to warn you that the variety is not mentioned on the label to protest against the imposing of a doc that it has unlawfully owned the result of how a wine Grillo should taste. No thanks, I don't want to globalize my wines. They are and I want that my wines are individuals, specials and unique.

I am very happy about your choices but I would you suggest picking some Krimiso 17 which is one of the best vintage ever. Superpower!!!!

(Needless to say, we bought 48 bottles of Krimiso after that endorsement).

Krimiso - Aldo Viola - $26.95

 Low Allocation Wines

Another thing we're super excited about is the arrival of a couple of high price point, low allocation wines we were able to secure from Aldo. Shiva Rosso and Shiva Bianco are from a line of Aldo's best plots every year. Rosso even has some age on it, rare for a natural wine (which are often drank pretty young). 

Shiva Rosso Allocation: 12 Bottles
Shiva Bianco Allocation: 24 Bottles




A Specialist In Skin Contact

Another thing we love about Aldo Viola is the way he uses skin contact in much of his portfolio. Orange wine, as it's known, is a category of wine made with white wine grapes. Rather than press the grapes immediately, orange wine is made by allowing the white grapes to rest on its skins for an extended period of time (usually 12 hours up to a few weeks or months.) Krimiso is a 100% Cattarano wine that has 5 months in stainless steel, giving it a vibrant, hazy orange color. Egesta is 100% Grillo, also with 5 months in stainless steel. Italians are known for their orange wines, and Aldo is no exception to making a stellar expression of the style!

View All Orange Wines 

The Full Aldo Portfolio

Perrico 2017 - 100% Perricone White - $28.95

Krimiso 2017 -100% Cattarano Orange Wine - 26.95

Egesta 2016 - 100% Grillo Orange Wine - $32.95

Shiva Bianco 2017 - 100 Cattarano Orange Wine - $54.95

Saignee Rosato 2016 - Nerello Mascalese / Perricone / Syrah Rose - $26.95

Saignee Rosso 2017 Nerello Mascalese / Perricone Syrah Red - $26.95

Moretto 2018 Nerello Mascalese / Perricone Syrah Red - $26.95

Shiva Rosso 2010 - Nero d'Avola / Syrah  - $62.95

View All

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