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We initially met Emmanuela from Il Monte Caro at VinItaly in 2017 and loved her clean Valpolicellas that were a complete departure from the norm in the region. After running into her again at RAW in Bushwick, we knew we had to put these wines in our next volume of wine. The wines have a vibrance that you can feel and are truly living wines. 

The slopes of the Monte Caro are historically well known in the region, as many people would often go there for alleviation of their ailments because of the hill’s clean and beneficial air. Local people often called it a “stony land” due to its relative absence of soil, but the official name – Monte Caro – honors a local herdsman who used to herd cattle.

Located in the Veneto, these wines are DOC and DOCG designated, which means they are following the standards needed to receive the designation, but are also abiding by the natural wine principles we believe in at MYSA Natural Wine.

Il Monte Caro Land

Today, the Il Monte Caro winery is a family venture operated by two generations, farmed organically and producing beautiful Corvina based wines. With 7 hectares, the vineyard’s care and supervision is entirely in the hands of our family and is done according to natural beliefs. Everything from pruning to the thinning of shoots, leaves, and grapes is done by us manually, helping to control the microclimate that embraces our vineyard.


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