Producer Profile

Weingut Schmitt

Bianka and Daniel are rockstar winemakers carrying on the family tradition at Weingut Schmitt! They're all about natural vibes in their vineyards, using special methods to keep the soil healthy and happy. This translates to super strong vines and ultimately, delicious wines! They even age their wines in cool clay amphorae alongside classic oak barrels. Their passion goes beyond the bottle too – they're all about supporting biodiversity and creating a haven for local wildlife.

Where The Wines Come From


Calling all wine lovers! Rheinhessen, Germany's biggest wine region, is like a fun, chilled-out party compared to other fancy wine areas. Here, rolling hillsides soaked with sunshine grow a dizzying variety of grapes, mainly white. Think refreshing Rieslings, crisp Silvaners, and even some playful newcomers. Don't be surprised if you hear about a Scheurebe or two – they were invented right here by a pioneering professor! Rheinhessen is all about experimentation and easy-drinking wines that'll make you want to linger under the summer sun with a glass in hand.