Frei.Korper.Kulture Rot 1L 2021

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A light-bodied and easy-drinking natural red wine in a liter bottle with summer fruit flavors like cherry, raspberry, and black currant on the palate, a touch of fizz, and bright acidity, are minimal tannins and a smooth finish!


Black cherry, plum, red currant and black pepper.


  • 12%


  • 2021


  • Red

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Mostly Funky


Rheinhessen, Germany

The Producer

About Weingut Schmitt

Bianka and Daniel are rockstar winemakers carrying on the family tradition at Weingut Schmitt! They're all about natural vibes in their vineyards, using special methods to keep the soil healthy and happy. This translates to super strong vines and ultimately, delicious wines! They even age their wines in cool clay amphorae alongside classic oak barrels. Their passion goes beyond the bottle too – they're all about supporting biodiversity and creating a haven for local wildlife.

About the Region

Rheinhessen, Germany

Rheinhessen, situated in the heart of Germany's wine country, has become a focal point for natural winemaking. With its rolling hills, diverse soils, and favorable climate, Rheinhessen offers an ideal environment for sustainable viticulture. Natural winemakers in the region prioritize organic and biodynamic farming methods, cultivating traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner, and Pinot Noir with minimal intervention. By eschewing chemical additives and focusing on natural fermentation, they produce wines that reflect the terroir's unique characteristics. Rheinhessen's natural wines are known for their purity, freshness, and expression of fruit flavors, with Rieslings offering crisp acidity and vibrant citrus notes, and reds showcasing ripe berry flavors and silky textures. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to grow, Rheinhessen remains at the forefront of Germany's natural wine movement, offering a taste of its rich heritage and commitment to quality with every bottle.

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