Producer Profile

Weingut Gold

To uphold the belief that quality originates in the vineyard rather than solely in the cellar demands unwavering idealism and dedication, steering clear of opportunistic endeavors. Recognizing the significance of biological cycles and the need for mindful stewardship of nature, they champion the natural equilibrium within the vineyard. Through meticulously prepared compost and the avoidance of chemical-synthetic substances, they nurture the vitality and equilibrium of their vines, yielding robust, dynamic wines that eloquently express their terroir. Harnessing the sun's luminance and warmth to enhance grape quality, and attuned to the moon's influence on vine growth and vitality, they meticulously align their vineyard practices with the lunar phases. - Minum Selections

Where The Wines Come From


Swabia, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of southern Germany, presents an intriguing profile in its natural wines. Embracing organic and biodynamic farming practices, Swabian winemakers craft wines that reflect the purity and authenticity of the region's terroir. With a focus on indigenous grape varieties such as Trollinger, Lemberger, and Riesling, Swabia's natural wines boast a distinctive character and charm. They captivate the senses with enticing aromas of ripe orchard fruits, floral notes, and hints of herbs. On the palate, these wines showcase a vibrant acidity, a delicate balance of fruit flavors, and a subtle earthiness that speaks to the region's rich history and diverse soils. Swabia's natural wines offer a unique and compelling expression of German winemaking tradition, embodying the essence of the land and the dedication of its passionate vintners.