Pink Gold Pet Nat 2021

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"It bursts with notes of pink grapefruit, underripe strawberries, cherries, and wild rose, and the finish will surprise you with a big hit of minerality and a lingering Hubba Bubba dust. It’s always golden hour with this Pink Gold sour."



  • 11%


  • 2021


  • Sparkling
  • Rosé

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Salads, Salmon, Cheese Board



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Middle of the Road


Swabia, Germany

The Producer

About Weingut Gold

According to the motto "Quality arises in the vineyard and not just in the cellar", a lot of idealism and perseverance is needed to produce a special wine quality instead of "Goldgräberstimmung". Knowing the importance of biological cycles and the respectful use of nature, they support the natural balance in the vineyard. With their specially prepared compost and the absence of chemical-synthetic agents, they promote the vitality and harmony of their vines. In this way, full-bodied, vivid wines are produced whose quality is later reflected in the glass. While the sun directly increases the quality of the grapes with its light and warmth, the moon influences the growth and vitality of the vines. During the work in the vineyard, they consciously focus on the different phases of the moon. - Minum Selections.