Producer Profile

Vinyes Tortuga

We encountered Vinyes Tortuga during our time living in Barcelona, where they were our neighbors in Emporda! Originating from the Netherlands, this adventurous duo has journeyed across the globe, crafting natural wines in South Africa, France, and beyond, before choosing Spain as their permanent home for winemaking. Their journey is remarkable; they even crowd-funded the purchase of their lands to establish a sustainable home. Each year, their wine labels become more vibrant, adorned with colorful, representative drawings depicting their land and stories. We admire their wines and the creativity they infuse into their production process.


Where The Wines Come From


Catalunya, a region steeped in history and culture, is also making waves in the world of natural wine. Situated in northeastern Spain, this diverse wine region encompasses a range of terroirs, from the rugged coastline of the Costa Brava to the mountainous terrain of Priorat and the rolling hills of Penedès. Natural winemakers in Catalunya are passionate about expressing the unique character of their land through sustainable and organic practices. They often work with native grape varieties such as Garnacha, Carinyena, and Xarel·lo, allowing them to thrive without chemical intervention. The resulting wines are vibrant and full of personality, with a focus on purity and freshness. Reds from regions like Priorat and Montsant are known for their bold flavors and mineral complexity, while whites from Penedès and Terra Alta exhibit crisp acidity and delicate fruit notes. In Catalunya, natural winemaking is more than just a trend; it's a reflection of the region's deep connection to its land and heritage, producing wines that are as dynamic and captivating as the landscapes that inspire them.