Hunky Dory 2019

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OLight and fresh Grenache with carbonic giving it lots of juicy qualities but also has a backbone of minerality that makes it more complex than you'd initially expect. 


  • 13%


  • 2019


  • Red

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Picnic Food, Pizza, Kebab



Funky Scale

Mostly Funky


Emporda, Spain


The Producer

About Vinyes Tortuga

We met Vinyes Tortuga when we were living in Barcelona and they were our neighbors in Emporda! They are 2 Dutch natives who have traveled the world together making natural wines in South Africa, France and more and decided to settle in Spain to create their own wines. Their story is incredible, having crowd-funded buying their lands and creating a sustainable home there! Each year they make their wine labels a bit more illuminated with colors and all have fun and representative drawings of their land and stories. We love their wines and the creativity they take with their production.