Producer Profile

The Madeira Wine Company

"The Madeira Wine Company, S.A. was originally an association of a number of Madeira wine producing companies, who decided to join forces in order to strengthen their purchasing and wine making abilities. This Association was founded in 1913. During the inter-war years the old family firms of Blandy’s and Leacock joined, followed immediately post war by Miles and Cossart Gordon, thereby creating the largest producer and exporter of Madeira wine. Whatever the size, the maintaining of the unique characteristics and style of each individual firm was at the chore of the association." - Madeira Wine Company

Where The Wines Come From


Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, is renowned for its unique natural winemaking traditions and fortified wines. Madeira's volcanic soils and subtropical climate create a perfect environment for viticulture, with warm temperatures and high humidity levels year-round. Natural winemakers in Madeira prioritize traditional farming methods, often cultivating indigenous grape varieties such as Sercial, Verdelho, Bual, and Malvasia. The island's winemaking process involves fermenting the grapes in oak barrels and aging them through a unique heating and oxidization process known as estufagem or canteiro. This process gives Madeira wines their distinctive flavor profiles, ranging from dry and nutty to rich and caramelized, with complex aromas of dried fruits, spices, and toasted nuts. Madeira's natural wines are celebrated for their longevity, versatility, and ability to develop complexity over time, making them a favorite among wine enthusiasts worldwide. As the demand for authentic and terroir-driven wines continues to grow, Madeira remains a cherished destination for those seeking the finest examples of natural winemaking and the rich heritage of Portuguese wine culture.